10 Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks in 2024: Spruce up Your Bathrooms

Best Undermount Bathroom Sink

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If you are thinking about remodelling a bathroom or just a simple makeover of your bathroom, you must know that every small detail matters. Everything in your house reflects a lot of things about your personality.

Undermount bathroom sinks are known for their low-maintenance and smooth-looking details. We bring you a list of the Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks ideal for all types of washroom. These sinks have great features and will last for quite a long-time.

Unlike other sinks, these do not take up space on your countertop. They have great designs and functions; this is why they are gaining popularity at present.

If you plan to give your bathroom or powder room a little makeover or give it a contemporary look, we would like to invite you to this journey to look for the best undermount sink we have selected from the sea of sinks.

10 Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks Reviews

If you are looking for a modern Undermount Bathroom Sink to spruce up your bathroom then please go through our top picks before you choose.

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1. Nantucket Rectangle Undermount Vanity Sink

Everything present at your home reflects your taste and personality. If you’re looking for the best undermount bathroom sink, then you’re at the right place. Come, let’s explore!

The bathroom sink we are going to talk about is the Nantucket rectangle ceramic under-mount sink. This sink has a porcelain enamel glaze finish! Indeed, it sounds smooth.

It weighs around 5.62 pounds. The exterior dimension is 18×12.875 inches, and the external size is 16×10.875 inches. At the same time, the depth of the bowl is 5.875/ 7.375 inches. The essential cabinet requirement is 21 inches minimum.

The sink also has a 1.75 inch drain diameter with overflow. All these features together make this a perfect sink and one of the best rectangular undermount bathroom sinks.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: This beautiful bathroom sink will just lift the standard of any bathroom. It is quite a tough job to find an ideal sized sink for a smaller vanity. It is not only budget-friendly, but it also has excellent features, and oh my god, that finishing! Great for your remodelling venture.

2. Nantucket Oval Ceramic Undermount Sink

Must you be wondering about another Nantucket sink?

Well, Yes. Nantucket brings you a range of undermount sinks that are budget-friendly and will bring a sleek transition to your bathroom. Moreover, Nantucket is an unbeatable sink brand in the current market.

This oval undermount sink is made of ceramic and ideal for compact space. It has a 1.5 inch drain opening. The sink also has an outlet that controls the overflow of water.

It is designed for undermount to solid surface counter. This sink was crafted from Vitreous China. Everyone loves things that are low maintenance. It is a handwashing sink and doesn’t stain easily.

The size is comparatively small, the exterior measurements are 15 x 12.125 x 7.125 inches, and the interior measurements are 13x 10.125 x 6.125 inches.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: If you’re looking for a small undermount bathroom sink for your tiny spaced bathroom, I guess this is your thing. From my very personal view, I think it a great one for the price. You can even consider this sink in public spaces because it is durable, and the price is affordable.

3. KOHLER K-2214-0 Ladena Bathroom Sink

The KOHLER K-2214-0 is not just a sink; it is a piece of art. This sink is a fantastic example of something that has paired versatility with classic style.

Durability is the most significant feature of this undermount sink. You can roughly use it for ten years, without a single scratch! I know it’s incredible. Not only this, you will need minimal maintenance up to five years.

It is manufactured with easy cleaning curves and overflow drain. This rectangular sink needs an undermount installation and will change the attire of your powder room or bathroom.

It is a pretty light-weight sink that can be installed in a 24-inch depth countertop made with vitreous china.

A comprehensive option is available with this sink, as this bathroom sink comes with 18-inch and 24-inch options. It also has a massive range of color alternatives that are perfect for residential usage.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: It’s Kohler; you do know it’s going to last for quite long. It is just a perfect piece for both residential use and contemporary bathrooms. I hope you have a good buy! You might get puzzled about its price, don’t be. It worth’s every penny stated on the price tag! 

4. KOHLER K-2209-0 Caxton Bathroom Sink

Caxton brings you a fantastic range of Kohler Undercounter Bathroom Sinks with huge color options and multiple shapes.

The Kohler K-2209-0 has a construction of vitreous china and an overflow drain. The standard countertop cut-out fit that gives you easy installation.

It’s an efficient sink for any narrow or shallow cabinet. You will enjoy its supreme durability and charming look if you buy it. It’s a money and time saver sink.

The drain hole has a diameter of 1-3/4 inches. The bowl has a length of 15.25 inches and a width of 12.25 inches. It can be easily coordinated with other Caxton collections.  

To be specific, it’s a great sink. You will enjoy a different aspect of the drainage system and materialistic perfection. The bowl size is neither too huge nor too small. It can be a perfect fit for small apartments or even in RVs.

Yeah, buddy! You heard me, right! You can try the latest innovation by installing it in an RV.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: This is a well-functioned sinks and give your bathroom a great attire. Best budget undermount sink that will provide you durability with easy installation. Relatively easy to clean and ideal for small bathrooms or powder rooms.

5. KOHLER K-2210-0 Caxton Bathroom Sink

KOHLER it is. It’s the upgraded version of the previous product.

So, you should know it’s going to give you an exceptional long-lasting lifetime. This oval undermount bathroom sink with an unglazed underside will change the look of your bathroom or powder room.

It can fit any standard 14×17-inch countertop cut-out. The KOHLER K-2210-0 is made with vitreous china which is one of the best material for bathroom sinks that turns this piece into a piece of pure beauty.

The dimension of the sink is 20.3 x 15.8 x 7.3 inches. An easy undermount installation brings a new look to your bathroom. The sink can be coordinated with other Caxton collections.

This frustration-free sink has an overflow drain and clamp assembly. The sink would be one of the best bathroom sink for residential uses and be ideal for modestly sized bathrooms.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: From our Perspective, KOHLER sinks are most reliable when it comes to sinks that are made to last. This is a pocket-friendly sink ideal for people who have small houses or looking for a little bathroom makeover.       

6. KOHLER K-2882-0 Bathroom Sink

A verticyl lavatory has designed a sink that brings modernity with a touch of elegance. This simple KOHLER K-2882-0 sink fits well into any bathroom furbish.

It is built with vitreous china, which makes this enduring. The sink is designed with an overflow drain and well glazed, and the drainage system is crucial for a great quality sink. Often, it’s challenging to identify the best sink without using it. But, don’t worry, our review will help you with this.

Super easy under-mount installation. This rectangular bathroom sink comes with vertical sides that are super easy to clean.     

It can be paired with KOHLER vanity tops that are cut to fit verticyl sink, which will save both your money and time. Abrasive cleaning materials cannot be used to clean the surfaces. Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth to clean the sink.   

The interior length is 17 1/4 inches, a width of 13 inches, and a depth of 3 1/8 inches. Exterior measurements are; length- 19 x 13/16 inches, height- 6 3/4 inches and width- 15 5/ 8 inches.

The sink does not have any faucet holes, so you need a wall or countertop to set up your faucet. Sometimes water might puddle in your sink, causing to leave marks on the surface of the sink.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: Because of its intrinsic durability, it could be the perfect choice for enterprises, like schools, motels, public wash places. Moreover, renovating your older sink with this piece of art can be the greatest choice. Also perfect for those who are looking for Luxury Undermount bathroom sinks.

7. American Standard Undercounter Sink

American Standard brings you a range of elegant bathroom sinks that come in a variety of styles. Easy installation and long-term service perfect for many lifestyles. 

It’s a beautiful and geometrically designed sink, which will be an incredible addition to your modern bathroom. This simple square-shaped sink has a uniquely curved basin.

The bowl’s width is 13-½ inches, front to back length is 13-½ inches, and depth is 4-¾ inches.  It’s quite suitable for small spaces. To be exact, it can be the best choice for public places, where space is precious, but top-notch decoration is required.

It is made from high-gloss, stain-resistant vitreous china. This sink has the facility of customizable overflow positioning. So, you can put the overflow drain according to your wish or need.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: This sophisticated piece of sink is an ideal choice for all kinds of lifestyles. It will not splash out water and bring a charming look to the interior design of your bathroom. It’s worth the cash you pay. Perfect choice if you are up for remodelling your old bathroom accessories.      

8. DECOLAV 1402-CWH Bathroom Sink

Here comes another low-cost bathroom sink with great features. Ready for it? Come, let’s dig into it.

It is a rectangular undermount ceramic sink that has overflow drainage. The overall construction is made with high-quality vitreous china. Easy installation and can be co-operated with DECOLAV drains or any other standard drains.

The dimensions are; depth -14.48 inches, height-8.26 inches, and width- 20.39 inches. Deep enough, so water won’t splash out of it. This is a great quality sink for its price.

It is ADA compatible, which is a crucial aspect of a sink. Now, you might ask, is it a mandatory feature or not? Honestly, it’s not compulsory. But, if you are looking for a flawless sink, then DECOLAV 1402 is the perfect choice for you, with different all-round specifications.  

Product Specifications



Our verdict: If you are looking for a top-class undermount sink, it is the best choice for you. The price it offers, somewhat it might look a little bit demanding. But, don’t fall into the puzzle; the feature it provides worth every penny. 

9. KOHLER K-2215-0 LADENA Bathroom Sinks

It’s a bathroom sink that is crafted with vitreous china. This rectangular sink with curved bottom is one of the Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks.

As it is KOHLER so it must be durable, right? Well, yeah, it is. It has a vast color range. The sink has features like overflow drain and clamp assembly.

It gives you the facility of effortless undermount installation into your bathroom or powder room. It is ADA compliant when it is installed in a 21- inch minimum countertop depth.

The sink requires a wall or counter-mount faucet, as it does not have any faucet or faucet holes. The size of the sink is 23.25 x 16.25 x 8.12 inches.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: This LADENA bathroom sink is unique for its shape and clean lines. It is a casual and elegant sink that will complement every bathroom style. Yes, it is quite an expensive deal. But, then it is KOHLER, which means its cost for quality. Happy shopping!

10. LORDEAR Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Are you looking for classic rectangular undermount bathroom sinks? Yes, it’s the perfect match for you.

It creates an effortless design for your master bath or powder room. Constructed with premium quality ceramic, it has features like acid resistance and low water absorption. 

Easy under-counter installation. The suitable drain size is 1-3/4 inches. The sink dimensions are as follows: exterior size- 18-2/8 x 13-6/8 x 8-2/8 inches and interior size- 16-4/8 x 12 inches.

This is quite a budget-friendly and one of the best undermount ceramic sink with unique features—the overflow drain for preventing wet countertops, leaving you a clean and dry toilet.

A delicate design with a crystalline glaze that ensures a long-lasting life and makes it scratch resistant. It also has a polished finishing. In short, it is a large sink at quite a reasonable price.

Product Specifications



Our verdict: It’s a large sink at such a reasonable price that too with such great features. Anyone would like this in their master baths or guest baths. This sink is a perfect example of the price paid for quality.

Buying Guide: You must know to spruce up your bathrooms

Core material

The core material used in the production of bathroom sinks is usually porcelain or vitreous china and ceramics. Vitreous china is just another name for good old porcelain. The sinks made of porcelain are usually more glossy, stain-resistant, and relatively easy to clean. These are used as core material to make the sinks more durable and long-lasting.

Faucet compatibility

Not all sinks come with faucets. You will need to place the faucet on the wall or on the countertop. Before doing that, you need to make sure of the sink’s faucet compatibility before purchasing it. You need to be careful while choosing the sink’s shape and size, as it is quite crucial for setting up your faucet.

Size and shape

At present, sinks are available in different shapes and sizes. Well, there is not a standard for undermount bathroom sink sizes , so you need to check the dimensions of the sink before purchasing. Most bathroom sinks round bowls are 15-20 inches in diameter, rectangular ones have a width of 16-24 inches, and 16-23 inches from front to back. The depth of a typical basin is around 5-8 inches. The shapes are a matter of one’s personal choice unless you’re thinking of replacing your old sink.        

Easy cleaning and stain resistance

Sinks constructed with vitreous china are comparatively easier to clean. You can use a sponge or a soft piece of cloth and mild washing soap to clean your sink.

Outflow drain

This is a significant factor when it comes to purchasing a bathroom sink. If the outflow drain does not work properly, water will not flow out of your sink, which will leave watermarks.

Gap between undermount sink & countertop

What are the causes  solutions to gap between undermount sink & countertop? To know more please read this blog from thehomebit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical bathroom sink would be 5-8 inches deep. At this very depth, water will not splash out of the sink. So, your bathroom will remain clean and dry.

Porcelain is the most rigid clay that is available. Ceramics are heated at very high temperatures making the clay less dense and causing it to be porous. Porcelain has good durability and also looks soft-looking when it comes to appearance.

If you want to increase your countertop’s space, the undermount sink is your thing. As they are mounted under the countertop, it technically takes no space for your countertop.

Porcelain sinks have an average lifetime of 25-30 years. Sometimes they can even last longer.

No, they do not. Ceramic sinks are easy to clean, and they are stain-resistant. But these sinks are quite sensitive, so make sure not to use adhesives while cleaning them.

The sinks are made of highly durable and scratch-resistant materials. Usually, a sink provides trouble-free services for 15 to 20 years. In this period, lesser or minimal maintenance is required.

Final Words

By this far undermount bathroom sink reviews, you must know why undermount sinks are the best ones for your bathroom. And why these sinks are the best undermount bathroom sink of all the sinks. I hope you have got all the information and details that are necessary. Remember, investing in quality is always better than investing in quantity. Happy Shopping!           

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