10 Best Alcove Bathtubs in 2024: Buying Guide

Best Alcove Bathtub

Bathtubs are the most lucrative and integral part of a bathroom. While choosing the perfect bathtub for our new or remodeled bathroom, we get confused about lots of brags all over the internet.

Are all of them true? Trustable? You know a better answer to these questions then me, for sure.

To save you from these pitfalls, we have listed the ten best alcove bathtubs of the current year. We have selected these products based on a wide range of criteria.

Suppose you want to remodel your bathroom or make a new setup in your bathroom. You can full fill all your curiosity from here. Considering the luxury, durability, and mobility, we are here with an in-depth of the magnificent bathtubs from the best manufacturing companies. 

This review will discuss specifications, specialties, positives, negatives, and share our thoughts about the top ten alcove bathtubs. At the very end, a comprehensive buying guide is added, and it’s a must-read before buying a bathtub.

Let’s jump into the main course!

10 Best Alcove Bathtub Reviews

If you are looking for best alcove bathtub for your washroom then please check this review.

Table of Contents

1. American Standard 2461002.020 Soaking Bathtub

Are you looking for an alternative to cast iron? But fears about the durability? Hey!! You come to an end here with this americast bathtub. More durable and lighter than the cast iron bathtub. 

That’s why it is the very first in alcove bathtub reviews list. If you are worried about choosing a long-lasting, durable bathtub, then give an end to your concern and compare your expectations with its specifications.

After getting through a tiring day, you can’t avoid soaking yourself in a mesmerizing oval-shaped bathtub like this. It might be freezing outside, and you would be looking for a warm bath. That can’t be a concern now; the heat-resisting texture of it will buy you a long time to enjoy the warm water.

After giving all those features, this tub won’t disappoint you in case of the capacity volume. Yes!! It provides 50-60 gallons of water capacity. 

The dimension of the bathtub is 46 X 24 X 70 inches. It’s enough to give a room space for a bath to a 6 feet tall adult guy. Its slip resistance texture will ensure you a safe bath. Thus, you can be safer and prevent the accident.

The Americast tub of American Standard has a light body with a glossy finishing. It also has a perfect right-hand draining system.

The weight of this mesmerizing bathtub is only 147 pounds. After having all those good experiences, you will be amazed by the utility of this beauty!

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: It’s an excellent choice for a modern bathroom. It’s very much affordable and prevailing. To ensure your safety and durability, this Americast Bathtub of American standard will be very much trustworthy. If you have water efficiency in mind, then grab it! It’s the best deal.

2. KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 Archer Alcove Bathtub

If you are also tired of your old fashioned bathtub like me, then hurry up!! Grab this charming bathtub. Kohler presents you with a mesmerizing rectangular sized bathtub for remodeling your bathroom. 

This white beauty comes with a very fancy outlook and simple design. Whenever I enter my bathroom, I get a smile on my face. Maybe you’ll also have that after reading this lovely review.

The length of the KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 is 60 inches. It has a depth of 19 inches, which is the most fantastic feature of this bathtub. You can soak your body in this beautiful bathtub of Kohler. It provides a width of 32 inches and obviously this is one of the best alcove bathtub 60 X 32 measurement.

The bathtub is made of high acrylic materials; hence it weighs very light. It has white glossy finishing. This little masterpiece can hold 50-60 gallons of water.

Maybe you are confused about the dimension of the bathtub, particularly about the depth of it. In that case, you won’t need to worry about it. KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 offers you an exclusive low step-over design. You won’t face any type of difficulty for the enter and exit to the tub.

A proper right-hand draining system is featured with it in a very furnished way. The bottom surface is very well textured. The perfection of the edging of the bathtub will give a happy bath. And for your ease, there is a slant back in the bathtub.

If you want something aesthetic in your bathroom, then this one is a good choice. The smoothness of its surface and low step over the facility will surprise you. So, don’t be late to take this acrylic love to your home.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: To remodel your bathroom and make it look more aesthetic, there is no other choice than this one. In a way, you’ll get the best alcove bathtub for shower. If your one is a small bathroom, then it’ll amaze you anyhow. Besides, the bathrooms with bigger space also deserve this fancy bathtub.

3.Kingston Brass VTAP603622L Acrylic Alcove Tub

You are now probably looking for a different design of the bathtub. We are introducing the ‘Kingston Brass VTAP603622L Aqua Acrylic Alcove Tub’. It comes with a beautiful three wall alcove design.

Now let’s have a brief look at the dimension of the bathtub. This large bathtub has a length of 60 inches and a width of 36 inches. The measurement of this bathtub makes it more extensive than the other regular bathtub.

This alcove giant is made of acrylic which is one the best alcove bathtub material and inside is constructed with fiberglass finishing, which makes it look super glossy.

As we named it a giant, you must be thinking that it will be too heavy to handle. But this giant weighs like a skinny goblin. The overall weight of the bathtub is 66 pounds only. It has been effortless to install this beautiful bathtub.

The water-flow depth of this bathtub is about 14 inches. To soak your body to refreshment, you can pour 60 gallons of water into this bathtub. This tub has a left-hand draining hole for the drainage system

Besides having a premium quality finishing, this alcove tub gives you an integral tub apron.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: It’s the best choice for the people who love alcove design in the bathtub. And you would love it for it’s all the outstanding features at an excellent price. I’ll suggest you get this piece of beauty for fulfilling the arrangement of your modern bathroom. A great option for those who looking for beauty in the budget.

4. American Standard 2460002.011 Alcove Bathtub

This is a bathtub formed with americast material. This bathtub presents American standard bathtubs in a well-furnished alcove design 

The raw material for this bathtub is americast. And has a thick covering of porcelain is given over it. Moreover, a smooth finishing of the arctic white color is painted in it.

American Standard 2460002.011 with an ideal measurement of bath-tub. A perfect length of 60 inches, a width of 32 inches gives the bathtub an ideal rectangular shape having a three-wall alcove structure. Soaking depth of 14 inches helps you getting you a good soaking bath.

The bodyweight of the bath-tub is only 147 pounds. It is rectangular in outer shape and an easy left-hand drainage system.

You must be fond of having a comfortable warm bath with proper relaxation. This bathtub then perfectly suits your fantasy. The heat retention texture and an insulating layer on it will make you cheerful with a longtime warm bath.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: This one will be a better choice to give your bathroom a new look with an alcove bathtub. Perfect candidate if you are planning for remodeling. The glossy and smoothness of the finishing make it different than the acrylic tubs. The porcelain covering will make it very easy for you to clean up. The best choice for standard size bathroom.

5. KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

This is the second one from Kingston Brass, a white alcove bathtub. KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R has a right-hand draining system with aristocratic design.

The bathtub is formed with acrylic material, which makes it very light in weight. This three-side alcove bathtub is rectangular. It is specially designed for new purposes. Thus, it is almost 50% lighter than the cast iron bathtubs.

It is 60 inches in length, 31 inches wide. So, it provides you a large area to soak. The internal soaking depth is 14 inches. You can get yourself wet in it with almost 60 gallons of water.

Water would stay at a very usual temperature in it. An effortless design with fiberglass finishing is presented in it. This alcove bath tub is constructed with 2-4 mm acrylic formation.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: It must be the best choice among contemporary bathtubs. All the features provided by the Kingston Brass will amaze you.The price of this tub is meager comparing to the facilities provided.Though it is a contemporary tub, you can quickly expect the maximum durability from it.So, if you are looking for the best bathtub for longer uses, nothing can be the perfect choice than this bathtub.

6. KOHLER 1957-LA-0 Underscore(R) Alcove Bathtub

Are you looking for a durable but large acrylic bathtub? Then have a close look at this authentic KOHLER’s Bathtub.  It is a heavy-duty alcove bathtub. A stable structure of it will make you choose it amongst all bathtub.

The simple acrylic formation with fiberglass finishing makes a charm visible in it. 60 inches in length, 32 inches wide, and a total height of 21 inches give the bathtub an ideal dimension.

With fiberglass finishing, this bathtub won’t let compromise about the shining and glossing of the body. It has a three-wall alcove structure and an integral apron feature.

It weighs almost 128 pounds and can hold a maximum of 68 gallons of water. It has a deep soaking depth of 16 inches. To give you a comfortable bath, it has a smooth sloped back. So, grab it and soak your body into the realm of reliability and relaxation.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: It is an extra deep soaking alcove tub.  You can make random use of it in your bathroom. It’s a durable bathtub, can be used roughly. You can use it for several years without any major issues. Mostly, you need to be careful about unnecessary scratches.

7. Empava 67 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub

Are you tired of your old fashioned bathtub? How about something automatic and modern? Empava brings you a whirlpool bathtub in a very new way. The amazing features of this bathtub are nothing less than the demonstration of state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, it’s a water-efficient alcove bathtub.

Are you smelling a thrilling bathing experience? Let’s not wait longer to know more about this product.

To give a new experience of bathing. Empava presents you with a luxurious bathtub with all new innovative features.

The bathtub’s outer dimension is 66.93 inches in length, 30.71inches wide, and the whole outer height is 22.83. Overall, it is enormous with a water capacity of 60 gallons.  Constructed with an acrylic material and has a premium finishing of fiberglass. 

When it comes to the talk about durability, the bathtub is supported with stainless steel frame. Thus it can bear a load of 660LBS. A blue transparent tempered glass in the front panel features an authentic look to the bathtub.

This whirlpool has eleven water jets distributed on all four sides provided with a one HP water pump. A waterfall faucet, an overflow, a hand shower, and a tub filler to fill the 14 inches of soaking depth. It has a chrome polished center drainage system. All the accessories are preinstalled.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: It’s a great choice for people who loves an all-around bathtub. To arrange a luxurious design for the bathroom, this tub will more than perfect. All the features in it make it magnificent. And it is very much price worthy. It will give you a heavenly feeling of soaking to remove your boredom and tiredness.

8. KOHLER K-1100-RA-0 Expanse Curved Alcove Bathtub

If you are fond of the curved apron bathtub, KOHLER K-1100-RA-0 can be an ultimate choice.

It is an acrylic bathtub with a glossy white finishing. This bathtub has an outer rectangular shape. The length between the inside wall is 60 inches; soaking depth is 17 inches and 32 inches wide. It’s incredible to use for one generation to another!

Yes! It denotes how durable the bathtub is!!

The curved integral apron expands to 38 inches in the center; thus, the bathing space is increased in the center.

The bathtub is made with acrylic materials. Total body weight is 135 pounds, and the volume capacity is 60 gallons of water.

The bathtub features a proper right-hand draining system. The curve inside the bathtub is very much smooth, and it provides a lot of soaking space which makes it one of the best soaking alcove bathtubs. 

An excellent bathtub to buy with a winning price!

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: For those who have a fascination for high end yet budget-friendly bathtub, we will suggest this one. The integral semi-circle curve of the bathtub will quench your quest. The bathtub adds more room space for soaking. It is a perfect bathtub for having an ideal comfort bath. If your major concern is durability, then you must choose this specific model of KOHLER’s.

9. Proflo PFS6042LSKWH Alcove Soaking Bathtub

Here’s a tub for the people who love the integral oval bathtub! If you want to have a bath in an oval-shaped space, then this one is for you. However, we are going to discuss more this outstanding bathtub in detail. Sit Back!

PROFLO PFS6042LSKWH is made with solid acrylic material. It has a three-wall alcove structure with a precise rectangular dimension. The overall length is 60 inches; overall height is almost 19 inches and surprisingly 42 inches wide.

This oval apron provides far more soaking space than the usual bathtub, and this giant space supports almost 75 gallons of water capacity. The overflow draining system is on the left side. The water withholding capacity is excellent and relatively higher than other alcove bathtubs.

The slip-resistant feature in it will provide you a very secure bath. The overall structure is arranged in a furnished way.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: It is one of the best alcove soaking bathtubs and also the best version of the integral oval bathtub. It helps with a deep soaking experience with its huge water containing capacity. If you compare the price with other traditional bathtubs, it’s not too expensive. Moreover, it’s quite reasonable by means of the features. It’s a money-saving product mostly loved by budget-oriented customers. 

10. Kingston Brass VTAP603622R Acrylic Alcove Tub

This last bathtub in the list is manufactured by the Kingston Brass. Kingston Brass presents a magnificent aqua-eden bathtub.

This aqua eden bathtub has a three-wall alcove structure. It is formed with brass material. It has a standard outer dimension of 60 inches in length, 36 inches wide, and a height of 21 inches. 

The soaking depth is almost 14 inches overall; the weight of the bathtub is 66 pounds. This super-light bathtub very much is built with a firmness.

The bathtub has a volume capacity of 60 gallons. The right-hand draining system is provided for overflow drainage. Having a bathtub with this type of easy installation like this will make you very comfortable remodel your bathtub.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: The easy installation procedure and the super lightweight make you bound to give it a place in your modern bathroom. After being an aqua eden bathtub, this bathtub shows the highest duty for small and more significant spaces. It’s great for a standard sized bathroom. A perfect choice for decorating your new bathroom or replace your old bathtub.

Best Alcove Bathtub: Buying Guide

Core materials

Generally, acrylic materials, the cast iron, and americast iron brass are used as the bathtub’s core material. Among them, the highest durability is performed by the americast bathtub, which is lighter than the cast iron but more decadent than the acrylic materials. so the acrylic materials and the Americast are most reliable for the bathtub.

Size and shape

The bathtubs are found in different sizes and shapes. It comes in rectangular, oval, curved, etc. shapes, but most of the time the bathtub is rectangular from the outside shape and different forms in the integral structure. And the size differs in different shapes. The bathtub with oval and curve shapes will provide wider space. The bathtub with an in-depth sinking feature will have a deep soaking height. But usually, the length is about 60-70 inches, width is about 30-38 inches, and the soaking depth is approximately 14-16 inches.

Finishing and the easy cleaning

Different shining materials give the bathtubs a glossy finishing, but the most effective is the porcelain and fiberglass finishing mainly. That finishing gives a super polished appearance, and it is always very easy to keep the bathtub clean. You can use a wet sponge or nylon brush to clean the bathtub. Otherwise, you can pour water into the bathtub then wash it.

Overflow and faucet

Most of the bathtubs are provided with the proper overflow drainage system. Either it will be the right-hand draining system, or else it will be the left-hand draining system. Sometimes they give the center draining system. And the faucet hole is present in the bathtubs, but according to the price, some bathtubs have the preinstalled faucets and knobs.

What is an alcove tub and what will be the standard size

To know more about alcove bathtub and its standard sizes please read this blog from thehomebit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic material and the americast materials have great durability and slip resistance. Those materials are highly preferable for the core materials for the bathtub.

To clean your bathtub, you can help us with natural things like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. You can also use cleaners designed to wash bathtub. It will be more effective if you use warm water.

The overall size of a standard size bathtub is 60inches x 32 inches. A traditional bathtub’s outer measurements are around 60-65 inches long, 30inches wide, and 14-17 inches high.

Most of the bathtubs have an easy installation process. But you may need the help of professionals while placing the drainage system.

Almost all the bathtubs are given reinforcement and polished with porcelain and fiberglass materials. Thus, any significant corrosion isn’t seen. But some manufacturer discourages to use bleach with warm water.

Most of the modern bath tubs are generally given either porcelain finishing or the fiberglass reinforcement. Those two provides a very reliable glossy appearance.

Final Words

From this review, we have learned about the topflight bathtubs of some renowned manufacturer companies. All the specifications, pros, and cons of those ten bathtubs have been discussed in the reviews.  The features and significance of those ten are individually narrated there.

Almost all of them are in the low range of price. But some luxurious bathtubs demand a high price obeying the high price. But all the tubs are price worthy.

We hold a strong belief that this whole article will help you choose the best bathtub according to your need.

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