Gap Between Undermount Sink And Countertop: Causes & Solution

Gap Between Undermount Sink And Countertop

Undermount sinks are extremely easy to use and help you in saving a lot of space. However, all these advantages go in vain when they aren’t installed properly.

One of the main problems is the gap between undermount sink and countertop.

How can you use the sink efficiently if there is a gap?

So, if you are currently facing such a problem, this post will help you out. I will detail the reasons for such a gap and how to fix it. Let me start with the causes first.

Reasons for Gap Between Undermount Sink And Countertop

Once you understand the reasons, you might be able to avoid the issue altogether. For example, if you’re renting a property and the problem doesn’t occur because of your actions, you can simply contact the landlord. So, it is essential to understand the likely reasons.

1. Poor Installation

The most common cause of the gap is poor installation. Undermount sinks might seem easy to install. However, they require excellent craftsmanship for proper fitting in the space available. If there is any deviation, the gap will be visible.

2. Improper Accessories

Many different components are involved in installing an undermount sink, including support clips, faucet pipes, etc. For this sink to be installed correctly, everything needs to work in synchronization.

If any of these accessories are not appropriate for that particular space or undermount sink, there will be a gap in between.

3. Wrong Sink Size

This problem rarely occurs. That is because most kitchen remodelers will double-check the sink measurements and space available. In rare cases, this problem arises when there is a mistake in measuring the space for the sink.

4. Plumbing Issues

The sink’s placement also depends on the faucet and drainage pipe. If their position is inappropriate, you might have to install the sink in a slightly deviated place than planned. That will undoubtedly lead to a gap on at least one of the sides.

These are likely reasons behind this problem.

However, you need not worry! I will also share with you the fixes to eliminate this problem.

How to Seal The Gap between Sink And Countertop?

The best way to seal this gap between the countertop and the sink is to use caulk, replace the support, change that particular part of the countertop, or replace the sink.

I will now go into the details of all these solutions to help you understand how to fix gap between sink and countertop in the best possible way.

1. Caulking

The most affordable and easy way is to use caulk. It can only be used when the gap is less than 1 inch.

Sure enough, it might require a coat of paint on top for proper concealing, but it can do the job.

Using a caulk, you can seal the gap and ensure that more sturdiness is provided to the sink.

2. Replacement of Support Clips

The sink is held in place only with support clips. Over time, the support clips can become damaged or might not function appropriately. In that case, the sink will start moving in one direction slowly. The deviation is so slight at first that it is not easy to notice.

Over 6 to 8 months, the gap might become visible. The solution is simple. You need to remove the older support clips and install newer ones. While doing so, ensure that you remove the sink, clean the area, and then reinstall it with new clips.

A single mistake in the sink’s reinstallation can worsen the problem. It is best to hire a professional who can install new support clips to avoid this outcome. If you do not know how to install the clips, it is better to hire a professional.

3. Countertop Replacement

I understand that replacing the entire countertop to close the gap between sink and cabinet is not a good strategy. However, at times it is possible to only replace a particular part of the countertop in the vicinity of that sink.

If that is possible, it is a long-term solution that will help you maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen and ensure that the problem does not occur again.

This is something which you need to consider if you want a long-term solution to this problem.

4. Sink Replacement

Whether you can replace the undermount sink countertop will depend on how many parts the countertop is made from. If it is a single slab of stone, it will be too expensive to replace as you will have to replace it entirely.

Why not replace the sink then?

Indeed, replacing the undermount sink is more affordable than replacing the countertop.

As a last resort, if you aren’t able to execute any of the above solutions, it makes sense to replace the undermount sink to close the gap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is normal to have a half an inch or even smaller gap between sink and counter. If the gap is larger, it means that the installation or the sink is improper. In most cases, you can use caulk to close that gap and prevent mold growth in that gap.

Yes, caulking around an undermount sink is necessary to ensure the water does not seep inside. It also closes the gap; therefore, the sink will appear aesthetically pleasing.

Use a caulk that can be painted over to close the gap between undermount sink and granite. After that, you can paint it similar to granite to ensure that it is not noticeable.

The first step is to remove any existing leftover caulk with the help of a blade. After that, you can clean the area, apply a fresh coat of caulk over it, and let it dry before applying paint.

Final Words

The undermount sink and countertop gap are not that difficult to seal. Merely follow the solutions highlighted in my guide above, and you will never have to worry about it. You can also use the same methods for the gap between the sink and cabinet. Once you execute these steps, your kitchen’s aesthetics will improve.

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