10 Best Curtain Rod for Blackout Curtains in 2024 : Dark Out Your Room

Best Curtain Rod for Blackout Curtains

When you’re shopping for curtain rods, there’re a lot of things to consider that you need to look out for. Curtain rods shouldn’t just be made out of thick material and be durable, but they also need to be stylish and easy to install.

Curtain rods mostly serve functional purposes. But, if you really think about it and choose the best curtain rod for blackout curtains, they can serve as a great accessory for decoration.

The quality and the design of the curtain rods are the main things you’d want to focus on. Especially for blackout curtains that serve the main purpose of not letting any light in, you need a curtain rod that lets the curtains wrap nicely around the window.

Let’s hop in to choose the right one for you.

10 Best Curtain Rods for Blackout Curtains

Finding the best ones can be a challenging task since there’re so many options for you to choose from. So, here’re some of the top-rated curtain rods that we’ve sorted out for your ease!

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1. Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Rod

First up, we’ve got the Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Rod. This is a great option to go with if you’re looking for something with a clean look that can effectively block all of the light around.

It might have a simple and basic design. However, you’re most definitely ensured that all the light, as well as the harsh winter cold air, is out of your room.

You can choose from a variety of finishes from bronze, classic black, and nickel, depending on the color of your wall.

This curtain rod does a great job at holding up the heavy blackout curtains due to the middle bracket, which makes this rod very sturdy. Featuring 48 to 88 inches in size, this rod is bound to satisfy you with everything that you’d need in a curtain rod.

It even comes with all the additional accessories that you might require for installing, including instructions, anchors, and screws.

And that makes the installation quite easy. To screw in the telescoping ends at the same time, you could also, of course, choose to have another hand.

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Our Verdict: Overall, this curtain rod does what you would expect it to do, and it comes in at a fair price with a sturdy build as well.

2. Umbra Twilight Double Black Out Window Curtain Rod

The Twilight Double Curtain Rod by Umbra will help you insulate your room properly for blocking out light and noise. On top of that, this curtain rod is a great option to consider if you are on a budget.

Since this curtain rod comes with a curved balcony rail, it allows the curtains to sit well against the wall. But, make sure that they don’t roll around the rail’s exterior from one end to the other.

This curtain rod doesn’t just come with instructions for assembling it, but it also provides you with mounting screws, anchors, steel rods, and installation screws. Plus, as it doesn’t require any brackets, installing it will feel like a breeze.

These 28 to 48 inches rods are available in three different sizes to crown your window with their 5/8 inch rods in the back and the 3/4 inch rods in the front.

Lastly, if you’re up to having this curtain rod with blackout curtains, they can help you reduce both noise pollution and air leakage.

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Our Verdict: If you’re looking for the best double curtain rods for heavy curtains, then this one is a good option to consider, especially if you’re on a budget.

3. Wrap Around Curtain Rods for Blackout Room Darkening Curtains

You should really consider these 2-pack Wrap Around Curtain Rods if you’re looking for a curtain rod that can help you to darken your whole room without spending much on it.

The curved edge that it offers is amazing for blocking the light, sound insulation as well as privacy. So, you’ll be able to save a lot of money for insulating your room.

You can install these curtain rods quite easily. All you need to do is line up the correct bases together and follow the instructions.

The 28-48” curtain rod lets panels stick properly against the wall. This feature prevents all types of light from peaking and offers you the best experience.

It also makes sure that you don’t end up getting any droop, sloping, or falling on the curtain rods either.

You can also get these rods in three different colors so that you’re able to choose whichever color goes with your home decor.

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Our Verdict: These curtain rods are definitely recommended if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind some simple quirks.

4. Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod

The Twilight Single Curtain rod is another great option to consider from Umbra. With both-end curves and versatile fit, it offers a good value for money.

This curtain rod comes with a clean and neat design that firmly fits the rod to the wall. It gives your room an overall aesthetic look. As it comes with curved edges, you’re getting full coverage and light-blocking benefits as a bonus.

Installing this curtain rod is a breeze, and it also gives you a clean-finished look by having the screws not visible. It’s available in nickel, brass, and bronze.

However, the Twilight curtain rod is surely among the top-notch curtain rods as it’s constructed using high-quality nickel that makes it quite durable, plus it’s available in three different sizes.

And the rod is able to carry up to 22 pounds which makes it the best curtain rod for heavy curtains. You can be assured that they’ll hold up your heavy blackout curtains with ease and not sag.

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Our Verdict: The Twilight is a highly recommended curtain rod to consider if you want a great quality single curtain rod for your heavy room darkening curtains.

5. Roiglori Industrial Curtain Rod

This room darkening curtain rod is quite unique, and the versatile design ensures that it’s able to carry the weight of the heavy curtains with ease.

With 48-86” length and a 1-inch diameter of the rod, this rod will fit any windows in your house. It’s got a sturdy construction made of steel that offers high durability.

The rustic and industrial style definitely compliments the curtains of a similar design. Plus, the wraparound style ensures full-proof light-blocking and reduces maximum noise.

Installing the rods is quite easy with the instructions it comes with. By making slight adjustments at the end of the cap, you can screw in the curtain rod.

And interestingly, you can have it installed in two ways; a wall mount and a ceiling mount.

Its design makes it easier for the users to hang the curtain above their window or on the wall. As it comes with a 7/8-inch diameter and is made with aluminum and alloy steel, which makes it one of the best curtain rods for heavy curtains on the list.

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Our Verdict: It’s a great curtain rod option to go with if you are looking for an industrial and rustic look in your house.

6. Rod Desyne 1-inch Blackout Curtain Rod

If you’re looking for a room darkening curtain rod that has a smooth and clean finish and also offers a simple, eye-catching design, then the 1-inch Blackout Curtain Rod by Rod Desyne is definitely your best bet.

This curtain rod offers an easy installation for the users and also comes in two different mounting options. You can choose to either mount this curtain rod up on your wall or over your window and have it hang down from your ceiling with a ceiling mount.

Both of these mounting capabilities offer you a lot more flexibility in installing them as well as spicing up the decor of your room.

The industrial design is just aesthetic and elegant and provides you with energy-saving features with room insulation. It can help the curtain rod carry the weight of the heavy blackout curtains without bending.

This 120X170” rod comes with a 1” diameter which makes it sturdy and durable. It can withstand the weight of your heavy curtains without any hassle.

Built with alloy steel and bronze, this rod provides a 4” projection and 3” clearance while mounting. It allows your curtains to be able to block all the light and most of the sound coming from outside.

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Our Verdict: This curtain rod is something that you should go with if you want a high-quality industrial look. However, it can be a bit too glossy for its own good.

7.Umbra – 1005799 Blackout Curtain Rod

The wrap-around design is said to be the best type of curtain rod for blackout curtains. Well, Umbra took this design to the next level.

Umbra has added a creative touch to the original wrap-around design. And this design enables the blackout curtains to wrap on both ends flush. As a result, the curtains do a proper job of blocking out the exterior lights.

The overall setup process of the curtain rod is pretty straightforward. You will get everything you need with the packaging. And there will not be any need to purchase anything extra.

Other than that, the rod has a telescoping design. This mechanism allows the rod to shift from ¾ inches to 5/8 inches in diameter. So, it should fit on multiple windows without any issues.

And as the rod can hold up to 22 pounds of weight, you can install heavy blackout curtains easily. Also, let’s not forget that it comes in different finishes.

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Our Verdict: The aesthetics of this Umbra rod will blow you away. And thanks to its unique wrap-around design, it will make your blackout curtains work exactly like they should.

8.Sun Zero SN Bronn Double Curtain Rod

On the hunt for the best double curtain rods for heavy curtains that work exceptionally well with medium-weight curtains too? Look no further, as this rod from Sun Zero is exactly what you have been looking for all this time!

So, the first highlight of this curtain rod is that it is designed to wrap around the window frame. This will enhance the blackout curtains’ ability to block light. Secondly, its industrial design makes it look quite elegant. Therefore, it will easily pair up with most blackout curtains.

There are two different sizes available. Each comes with a telescoping feature, enabling you to easily adjust the length. The installation process of the rod is quite simple. It comes with all the mounting hardware you will need for the procedure.

Although it is meant for wall mounting, you can maneuver it and mount it on the ceiling if you want to. And let’s not forget that its weight capacity is 22 pounds, making it perfect for all blackout curtains.

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Our Verdict: This curtain rod is the best overall pick for blackout curtains. It excels in every essential factor!

9. Amazon Basics 1-Inch Wall Curtain Rod

What if we told you that it’s possible to purchase a great blackout curtain rod without putting a dent in your wallet? Yes, you definitely can! This offering from Amazon Basics is proof!

Although it’s affordable, it does not cut any corners in the build quality. Amazon Basics has opted for high-quality metal for the overall construction. So, you can expect it to last for a prolonged time without showing any structural issues.

The overall diameter of the curtain is 1 inch, which makes it capable of handling fabrics up to 22 pounds. Yes, it is an excellent pick for the best curtain rods for heavy curtains!

It also comes with decorative urn finials on each end. These finials will enhance the overall aesthetics of the curtain and make the window look pretty pleasing to the eyes.

You will not need to go through any hassles in installing the rod. It comes with all the mounting hardware. Also, it bundles with installation instructions, making things much more manageable for you. And the telescoping mechanism is easy to work with too!

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Our Verdict: This curtain rod will offer the best value if you have heavyweight curtains. And although it’s affordable, it’s better than most of the average curtains.

10. Kenney Adler 5/8″ Wrap Around Curtain Rod

There are many curtain rods out there. However, only a few are good picks for medium to large-sized rooms. And this offering from Kenney is one of those few.

So, what makes it a good pick for medium to large rooms? It has a wrap-around design! Thanks to that, you will get a seamless install on the room. And its industrial design will make it blend exceptionally well with most of the blackout curtains that are available in the market.

The overall build quality of this blackout curtain rod is pretty praiseworthy. It’s of high-quality alloy steel. And it can resist rust. So, you can expect to retain its original looks for a prolonged time.

Other than that, the installation process of the rod is pretty straightforward. The packaging also comes with all the required hardware. So, you will not need to purchase anything separately.

Finally, its finishes complement most home décor and curtain fabrics. And it’s also easy to adjust.

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Our Verdict: This rod is great for light to medium-weight curtains. However, it’s not a good pick for heavyweight blackout curtains.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Curtain Rod for Blackout Curtains?

There are some factors that you should look out for before buying curtain rods for your blackout curtains so that you can get the best value.

Find Out the Weight You Need to Support

You need to choose your curtain rods based on the weight of your curtains so that they’re actually able to support them.

Blackout curtains are generally on the heavier side, so it’s always better if you go with something that’s more robust and can handle the better weight.

Choose the Diameter of the Rod

The diameter is an important thing to consider as it’ll determine whether or not the headings of your curtain will actually fit into the curtain rods.

If the diameter of your curtain rods is too thick, then you might not be able to fit in your curtain heading in your rod, which defeats the whole purpose.

Select the Width of the Curtain Rod

In order to figure out the width of the curtain rod, you need to figure out the width of your window first. It somewhat depends on your own taste of how much wider you’d want your curtain rod to be from the size of your window.

But, it’s definitely recommended to have the rod longer than your window frame for better light proofing.

Purchase the Proper Brackets and Fasteners

Your curtain rods should come with brackets and fasteners in the box. If it doesn’t, then you might need to buy them additionally. Make sure you buy the hardware compatible with your curtain rod.

Suitable Type of Curtain Rod

All there’s left to do now is to choose the type of curtain rod you’re looking for. It can be a single rod, double rod, wrapped rods, or traverse rods.

Pick whichever fits your style the best and appeals to your decor the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

They’re normally placed above the window, around 4 to 7 inches away from the frame on both sides, so that your curtains can be pulled away from your window.

Good quality curtain rods last for years as long as you live in your current home. Some people even take them down and reinstall them in their new house.

Yes, you do require drills since most curtain rods are held up in place using a metal bracket that is mounted on the wall above your window frame. In order to screw the brackets in place firmly, you might need to drill holes.

The general tools that you’ll require are a drill, stepladder, pencil, level, Philips head screwdriver, and a measuring tape.

When it comes to heavy curtains such as blackout curtains, the weight capacity for the curtain rods should be around 25 pounds for optimal performance.

The most common types of curtain rods based on material would be – Brass, Bronze, and Heavy Duty Steel. There’re also rods available that are made from other types of metal.

On the other hand, in general, the curtain roads are available in single rod, double rod, wrapped rods, tension rods, conventional rods, or traverse rods.

Final Words

When it comes to curtain rods, you can use them as decor just by choosing the right one to enhance the look of your room.

If you’re looking for the best curtain rod for blackout curtains, then you should make sure the rods allow your curtains to go all the way around your window for the best light proofing.

Choose something sturdy and durable enough to handle the weight of your heavy blackout curtains so that they don’t end up bending after a while of use.

We hope our guide helped you find the right curtain rod you were looking for!

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