5 Best Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kit in 2024: Convert Your Traditional One

Best Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kit

It goes without saying that adding a dual flush valve to your conventional toilet will save up to 45% more water than usual.


Well, it will effectively transform your standard system to a dual flash technology that offers a half flush lever for liquids and a full flush mode for the solids.

But what would be the best dual flush toilet conversion kit for your traditional toilet?

We know that’s a tedious job, let alone time-consuming. Hence, we have handpicked 5 top-rated dual flush conversion kits for today’s review.

Not just it, in the end, we have compiled an in-depth buying guide to conclude all the perplexes.

5 Best Dual Flush Conversion Kit Reviews

While asserting this list, we focused on three benchmarks: reliability, energy efficiency, and user-friendliness.

And we ensured to keep something for every class of people. Herein, the prime objective is to cut down your monthly electricity bill and save some bucks for better investment outlets.

Now, let’s wade through the products one by one.

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1. Next by Danco HYR460 Lever Handle

On top of our list, we have the best dual flush conversion kit for 3.5 GPF toilets available in the market.

If you have any prior experience with Danco’s plumbing replacements, then you must know its prominence in this industry. They are always top-notch in maintaining their quality and retaining their customer’s trust.

This HYR460 dual flush converter is one of its finest creations with a Do-it-yourself advantage.

It helps to convert your toilet into an energy-saving one while preventing all the typical leakage issues. The smart and innovative detectors will inform you about any potential leakage, thus, you won’t ever face any toilet mishaps or toilet flapper.

Yes, it’s a flapperless toilet conversion kit. Besides, this kit requires zero plumbing skills and zero tools to install.

Within approximately 5-10 minutes, you will be able to assemble it perfectly. However, make sure to press down the buttoned handle for a little longer than usual to avoid insufficient flushing. That’s a petty issue to discourse, yet for proper flushing, you’ll be needing this information.

Now let’s talk about its compatibility. This kit can work with standard 2-inch flush valves. Ensure having at least 10 inches clearance from the top opening point to the inside of the tank closure.

Furthermore, it calibrates to the proper amount of water needed to fill the tank. Thus, you can reduce water wastage and save up energy to its best.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: If you want a dual flush toilet repair kit with maximum energy savings with a no-tool installment facility, then this is an ideal deal for you; that too, in your budget!

On top of that, it lasts longer if you abide by the proper maintenance and installation tactics. Just avoid discarding your old system in case this doesn’t harmonize well with your toilet. 

2. Next by Danco HYR271T Hydroright Dual Flush Valve and Lever Handle

First thing first, this kit has everything that people expected from the previous one. The differences are very subtle yet significant since it has the similar effectiveness with necessary modification.

For the starters, it’s taller than the HYR460 to merge with larger seats. Now we suppose you remember how we warned you about the insufficient flushing due to its stiff lever handle.

Here, with this Hydroright kit, you don’t need to press the lever longer or gauge the timing of holding it down. One proper press is enough for a successful flush. Besides, it uses 70% less water when using for liquids and papers.

Since it has two settings, one for liquids and one for solids with a choice of quick flush feature, you don’t have to stress over water wastage.

It will use the exact amount of water required to ditch the solids in normal full flush water volume. However, it’s only compatible with 1.6ft to 3.5+ GPF. Ensure reading the instruction manual before installing to get it done within 20 minutes. No tank removal, no additional tool; quick and effortless DIY installation!

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: As we said, it’s quite similar to our previous pick, it can be suitable for the same standards, however, with little distinction. If you need a taller version, more water reservation, and an easy handle system to flush with the equivalence of the HYR460 kit’s quality, then this can be a plausible choice for you.

3. FlushSaver REVERSE FLUSH HANDLE Dual-Flush Deluxe DIY Conversion Kit

Here we have the dual-flush deluxe DIY conversation kit by FlushSaver, which eliminates the fear of ghost flushing and air pockets. Usually, most toilet conversion kits are vulnerable to air pockets, even the ones with the highest quality. But this kit really makes a difference.  

The FlushSaver dual flush kit has the caliber to save 10,000 Gallons of water annually for a family of four.

Also, this kit features two diverse buttons for specific purposes, such as the small and the full flush. Thus, you don’t get confused every time you intend to drain the dump.

It uses approximately 1/3 less water for the small flush setting and is less aggressive. Unlike its previous edition, this doesn’t require full dismantling. You don’t need to disassemble the previous system to install it.

It’s compatible with standard 2” piece toilets incorporating a separate tank and bowl set. Surprisingly, this kit has an overwhelming fanbase with tons of positive reviews.

All the users who used it practically seemed to be satisfied by its overall service. The commercial-grade plastic and stainless-steel construction prevents rush or corrosion and is rated for over 50000 flushes.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: An ideal choice for an average family of four members with 2 piece toilet. Saving up to 10,000 Gallons of water per year cuts down a lot of expenses and serves you with the most energy-efficient plumbing replacement.

4. FlushSaver 3″ DRAIN STANDARD LEVER HANDLE Dual-Flush Deluxe DIY Conversion Kit

Perhaps you are accustomed to the traditional style of the toilet and anything deviant than that makes you feel unsettled.

And in the meantime, you want to get rid of the toilet flapper and ghost flushing. Well, we guess FlushSaver heard you. It provides a dual flush toilet repair kit that works just like your conventional toilet system.

And their appearance is also pretty old-school; no intricate design, no messy cable management. However, there’s one noticeable difference.

You need to press the lever downward for highest stream of water. It is mainly the “number two flushes” used to drain the solids. At the same time, you can pull the lever upward and enable the “number one flushes” releasing a little amount of water to dissolve the liquids.

And to eradicate your confusion, it features die-cut labels to identify the full flush and half flush setting. It helps draining the solids and liquids accordingly.

Besides, you can activate the left-right flush orientation by placing the flush handle with the knob facing downwards.

It saves up to 10000 gallons of water every year to serve a typical four-member family. You can adjust the flush cycles depending on your tank’s holding capacity and user preference.

This 3 inch dual flush conversion kit offers a double-action piston paired with a seal evacuator column to prevent toilet flapper or water wastage.  

Also, the quiet and serviceable filter valve has substituted the previous conventional ballock valve.

A quiet flushing experience with the robustness of corroding resistant stainless steel- that’s what you will need for your 2-piece toilets with 3-inch tank.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: This is one best dual flush toilet conversion kit for older toilets, and that’s the sole reason why we added this to our top picks. Since we vowed to keep something for everyone, it’s for people who want the traditional look and working mechanism with the leverage of modern toilets.

5. FlushSaver PUSH BUTTON EURO-STYLE Dual-Flush Deluxe DIY Conversion Kit

This is our final pick for today’s review. First of all, it’s relatively pricier than the rest of the items here. But as opposed to the mass toilet conversion kit, it’s still cheaper.

It’s designed after a European style which ideally exchanges the problematic flapper with its dual-action piston and seals evacuator column. However, it’s specifically made for one piece toilet.

Just like the previous two products from FlushSaver, this one also has a bunch of positive reviews. People seemed to love its resistance towards air pockets and toilet flappers. Also, there’s no single report of ghost flushing.

Now there are few things that you should know before buying it. For instance, this kit requires overall dismantling. You need to disassemble your previous system and restructure the new one from scratch.

No wonder it will kill a lot of time. We mean, it’s easier said than done. Yet the good thing is you will have a precise instruction manual by which you can do the installation without any prior experience. Another thing that might ring a bell is the water leakage.

If you fail to flush properly, then a small amount of water might keep dripping. And that pretty much contradicts the whole concept of getting a dual flush conversion kit in the first place.

Speaking of this, it’s more like a user’s issue than the product’s. Just be careful about the whole usage. You will get everything you need like the dual flush valve, tank filler, bowl valve, gasket even the bolts to install the kit.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: If you have no issues with restructuring or removing the old system to build a new one for your one-piece toilet, then this will do the job for you. However, make sure to be careful with the entire installation and using process; otherwise it might cause troubles.

What to Look for Before You Buy?

There are few things you need to take into account before shopping for the best dual flush conversion kit. Make sure to go through each fact to avoid investing one something that’s not suitable for you.

Handle or Button?

While you prefer the button system to flush everything inside the pot, there are people, mostly the elderlies, who find the handle system more convenient. We pretty much agree with the fact that the handle system feels comfortable, but we beg to differ that it’s the most convenient one.

Because the button system might require a little pressure, yet it lasts longer while the handle ones are vulnerable and look cheaper. You need to decide the right kind depending on your preference. If comfort is all you want regardless of durability, then the lever system might be the ideal one for you.

Flushing Caliber

The prime objective to install these kits is to save water or to be energy efficient. Now, if your kit fails to flush properly and requires more than one flush to dissolve everything, then what’s the point of getting it? Therefore, you need to ensure the flushing power.


You will need enough space for clearance to install the kit. the standard space required for most of the tank is 10”-12” clearance from the inside. Also, inspect the space preference for the particular system you are getting.

Ease of Use

This is more about your comfort and adaptability. Based on the user, you need to ensure the accessibility of the button or handles. Also, the type of washroom you have needs to be compatible with the overall system.

Some people want the buttons on the top, some want it on the middle, while some love it on the left or right. There are also dual-flush conversion kits that allow left-right orientation as an added feature to the usual one.


The type of kit you’re planning to get, does it match your toilet standard? Is it compatible with your traditional washroom? Do you need a one-piece toilet kit or two-piece? How much can the tank withstand? What about the flush opening? These are the questions we should ask ourselves to understand the compatibility.

Replacement Parts

See if the brand offers replacement parts or not, because there might be a time when your kit will start acting up or break.

Common issues like leakage can also emerge. In these cases, you need to replace the concerned parts, and it’s important to have accessibility. Remember that you don’t wanna buy a new kit but just the major part that is damaged.


Look for some additional accessories. Some products come with every tool needed for assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

To replace your old toilet with a flush converter, you need to follow the manual thoroughly. If you are not confident enough to do it all by yourself, then you can seek help from someone with prior experience.

Also, there are a bunch of demonstration videos on how to install dual flush converters. For more clarity, you can contact the customer helpline.

Not necessarily. We can’t speak for everything. Some of them are affordable yet cater to all your demands, while some of them are 10x pricier with similar features. In comparison to their service, they are definitely worth it.

Each product on this list ranges from 25$ to 45$. You will get a pretty decent one between this range.

A new one is less vulnerable to damage and less likely to exhibit complications. However, it will cost a lot. If you want to save some bucks, then you should buy the convertor kit without a shred of doubt.

Yes, they are capable of saving a minimum of 68% water.

It will generate more water. If you plan to get a full stream of water, then pressing both buttons works. Or push the bigger button first, then the smaller ones.


We tried enlisting conversion kits for almost every type of toilet system. You can see the cheapest option to the most expensive ones with legendary features.

Now, if you aren’t willing to spend much, then the Next by Danco HYR271T will be the best dual flush toilet conversion kit for you.

On the flip side, if you have no issues investing few extra bucks, then the FlushSaver REVERSE FLUSH HANDLE will do the job.

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