One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilet: A Comparison Guide

One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilet

Are you planning to renovate your older toilet and still confused to either remain with the existing type, or should you change it? Buddy, I know the feeling, when you are super confused, and no one has an excellent solution. Luckily, for both us, it is not gonna happen.

Here I have come up with an in-depth comparative and technical analysis of One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilet.

Before going to the core part, I can promise you one thing for sure. At the end of this article, you can eradicate your existing confusion about toilet types and confidently decide which type you should go for.

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You may wonder why I have started with the costing of a toilet first. Cost is the main thing to consider, than I will match my demand according to the price. It’s a whole different ball game.

So, neatly, two-piece toilets are less costly than the one-piece toilets. If we try to understand the manufacturer’s perspectives, one-piece toilets have smarter design and functionality; that’s why it’s costly.

Shipping Cost

Puzzle! Yet a simple one. To be specific, any product that has a bigger size and higher weight, transportation costs increase exponentially.

Now, let me ask you a simple quiz. What do you think which one has a bigger size and higher weight? Bull’s eye! Two-piece toilets. I didn’t say anything about the shipping cost of one or two-piece bathrooms, but you still have the correct answer, right!

Size Difference

Let’s play the same game again. Elementary level game, to be exact. Which number is larger? 1 or 2? LOL. Just kidding. Two. So, the two-piece toilets are larger than the one-piece toilets.

Now, let’s straight dive into a Ph.D. level game. How much is the difference between these competing two? Is that difference play any pivotal role in toilet setups? I am answering the first question first! The height of a toilet has never been a factor for any sort of toilets, it’s pretty much the same. But, length and width wise difference between the one-piece and two-piece toilet is huge. A one-piece toilet is brilliant and efficient in saving precious space. Whereas, the two-piece toilets are too much demanding of areas. Now, come to the second question. Oh! Have I already answered? Smart me, huh! 😉

Weight : How Heavy is a Toilet?

One-piece toilets have a relatively heavier weight than two-piece toilets. Some of us think that materials with higher weight possess high sturdiness or durability. True in the case of some products, but not for all. Such may is true for toilets. One piece toilet weigh around 40 KGs  on the other hand two piece toilet is just 25 KGs.

The weight of a toilet has nothing to do with its sturdiness. The weight redundancy may lead to a higher cost of installation, substantial transportation expenses, and super strong basements. At this point, one-piece toilets are way more challenging to handle than two-piece toilets.


Both one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets have a diverse range of functionality. These two types of toilets are specialized for two different groups of people. You know there is no account for taste. Let me briefly describe the functionality of both types of toilets.  

One-piece toilets are very simple and easy to clean. With less labor and hassle, you can easily clean a one-piece toilet in minutes. Additionally, the one-piece toilets have standard height, which is highly suitable for a standard sized toilet. Another the excellent feature its combined functionality. The smart and integrated design is ideal for a wide range of people. Lastly, the most crucial functionality of a one-piece toilet is its great sitting space. If you love more expansive and spacious sitting space, you’ll going to love any one-piece toilets.

If we analyze two-piece toilets, you will get the authority to choose your favorite bathroom from a considerable variety. According to the type of two-piece toilet, functionalities varies as well. The Mix and Match tanks are one of the most precious functionalities of a two-piece toilet.


To be frank, most critics will say two-piece toilets are more prone to breakage than one-piece toilets. I strongly disagree with the intent, not with the principle of this theory. Because durability can never be entirely ensured by the design and type of an established product. In the case of an experimental product, it might be accurate, but not in the case of a renowned two-piece toilet.

You have to understand if the toilet is appropriately designed to provide higher access and ease of use. If so, then one more thing you have to check is the core materials of different accessories.

Why only accessories? Why not the bowl or tank? Wisely asked. Most of the toilets, either one-piece or two-piece, are made of two or three most common core materials, but the accessories like flush knob, toilet seat, flusher position, etc are the sectors where manufacturers will not tell detail to you. These are the sectors you should look to select a durable toilet. The moral is, durability is relative, not type-specific.


The two-piece toilets are very easy to install. Even if you read a DIY article about installing a two-piece toilet, it will give you enough confidence to go for it. On the other hand, one-piece toilets are delicately designed with smart technologies. That way, the installation process is complicated. I am not saying you can never do it on your own, but it’s a bit tricky task.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance of Toilets

One-piece toilets are very easy to clean, and two-piece toilets take time to get cleaned properly. There are some unreachable spaces in many two-piece toilets due to its design, but in the case of one-piece toilets, all areas are easily accessible and very easy to maintain. There is no requirement of scrub in the nooks and crannies.   

Flushing Power

It’s a relative matter as well. Many of the toilets have a single flush; of course, it will not be much strong as the double flush. Flushing power depends on the toilet design, not largely depends on the type of the toilet.

Resale Value

Simply, one-piece toilets have higher resale value than the two-piece toilet. If you use a one-piece toilet with care it may return a large sum of money at reselling it.


I hope you are out of the puzzle by now. In this talk, I tried to discuss different aspects of both one-piece and two-piece toilets. It’s a much-needed discussion for you to understand the suitable and compatible toilet type for you. So, I hope you will share this article with your close people who will recently renovate their toilet or buy a new one.

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