5 Best Drain Cleaner for Toilets in 2024: Unclog the Drain

Best Drain Cleaner for Toilets

A competent drain cleaner not only fixes your slow drain but also saves you a plumber’s high wage.

We know how gruesome it feels to have a clogged drain, especially when you see all the foam and hair accumulating in your toilet instead of sinking. And honestly, that’s not a pretty sight rather gross.

Hence, we have handpicked the best drain cleaner for toilets after 8 hours of meticulous research and professional assessment.

And during the process, we figured out that liquid cleaners come in handy when manual methods fail to suffice.

Thus, we’ve mostly focused on liquid drain cleaners which are multi-purpose, eco-friendly, easy to use, and cost-effective. So, without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at today’s top 5 picks.

5 Best Drain Cleaner for Toilets

While reviewing the products, we went through all the customer feedbacks for a testament to the brand’s authenticity and overall performance. Check out our top 5 picks and an in-depth buying guide in our next segment.

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1. Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener

On the top of our list, we have the best toilet clog remover from Green Gobbler, a prominent name that renders industrial-grade cleaning solutions to its customers.

Their cleaning line has a plethora of surface cleaners, bathroom deodorizers, and herbicide substitutes to resolve your everyday problems.

Here we have the ultimate drain cleaner from green gobbler in a 64 fl—Oz bottle.

It’s liquid-based and a little thick in texture which dissolves effortlessly into the water and fast-forwards the overall cleaning process.

The high-density liquid formula travels through the water and adheres to the pipe until the gunk build-up melts. It’s also happens to be best liquid drain cleaner for toilets.

When it succeeds in liquefying the sticky and grimy drain blockage, you get a clean and unclogged pipeline. Besides, this drain cleaner is ideal for dissipating hair, soap, baby wipes, grease, and other paper products, which are typically hard to dissolve.

Specifically, when it comes to plunging the hair build-up, nothing works better than this. It liquifies hair in just 25 minutes.

Another thing worth mentioning is the eco-friendliness of this product. While most cleaning agents are harsh to your septic system and pipes, the green gobbler’s drain opener remains kind.

This drain opener streamlines the normal cleaning process without emitting any toxic element or requiring any caustic chemicals. Consequently, it protects the pipeline against damage and prolongs the lifetime.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: If you are looking for an odorless, eco-friendly liquid cleaning solution for fixing your slow toilet, then this one will do the job.

Especially when you want a concentrated cleaning around the hair build-up and paper clogging without breaking the bank, it works wonders. However, the texture could be thicker for more consistent performance.

2. Green Gobbler Liquid Hair and Grease Clog Remover

Our second pick is also from Green Gobbler but with some notable exceptions. This one is thicker than the previous one, and it comes in a pack of two. It’s considered one of the best enzymatic drain cleaners.

The rich blend of eco-friendly contents helps dissolve toilet paper, hair, cotton swabs, grease, lint, soap scum clogs, etc. besides, it can be used both in your toilet and kitchen sink.

Since its non-toxic, non-corrosive, and comprised of biodegradable formula, you don’t need to stress over any potential damage. Be it a plastic pipe or copper one, green gobbler clog remover ensures retaining the permanency.

Hence you obtain a longer-lasting toilet pipe and a hassle-free cleaning.

Another thing that sets it apart from the previous drain cleaner is its dual-chambered container.

The packaging is engineered in a way that you won’t need any measuring cup. No guesswork, no tools; just pour one full chamber of the solution into the clogged toilet, sink or tub and let it take care of the rest.

The ultra-thick texture of this cleaning agent will liquefy the hard-to-melt wastes within one or two hours.

If the build-up is too stiff to soften, then you can pour two full chambers of the cleaner and let it rest overnight to get a satisfactory result.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: For the most part, it works incredibly, and the using process is very handy. In fact, it’s one of the best drain cleaner for tubs.

But what can be a downer for you is the lengthy unclogging process. You need to provide ample time to see noticeable results.

3. Best Eco-Friendly Drain Line Cleaner for Main Drain Lines

If you are looking for an effective drain line cleaner that helps repair your slow drain faster and easier, then Green Gobbler has the best solution for you.

This eco-friendly drain cleaner features crystal technology that makes it faster and more powerful than most cleaners in the market.

Also, the overall texture of this powder cleaner is supremely thick, unlike the rest of the liquid cleaners. It fast-forwards the overall unclogging process through its non-toxic cleaning agents.

Apart from hair, soap scum, fats, and grease, it can liquefy feminine products. This is something that’s most drain cleaners are incapable of.

Because feminine products are usually crafted with thick papers, which are easy to melt in water and often cause water-stalling, but when you apply this drain line clear into your toilet, it clings to the concerned regions and melts down the papery elements.

While repelling all the clogging agents that block your pipe, it ensures remaining kind to the mainline.

This way, you don’t need to bear any further complications such as pipe leakage or a broken toilet. You have to pour 8 oz of the cleaner inside the drain and let it rest for straight 15 to 30 minutes.

Once you reach the time limit, flush the toilet with water, and you are done with unclogging your slow drain line.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: This drain liner cleaner comes in both liquid and water texture which allows you to have a preference in your cleaning method.

Also, the fact that this one is extremely easy to use, works faster, and stays “green” (eco-friendly) helps it stand out from the crowd.

One thing that can concern you is the price, which is a little higher than most green gobbler cleaning solutions.

4. Flo-Kem 5195 Flo-Zyme Commercial Bio-Enzyme Drain Opener

Sometimes, after using drain cleaners, it emits an awful chemical stench. And no wonder it’s unbearable sometimes and makes you nauseous.

To solve this problem, Flo-Kem presents a two in one solution that unclogs your drain as well as deodorizes your toilet.

It arrives with a one-gallon bottle in a watery form. Here it consists of a bio-enzyme formula that is extremely heavy duty and works excellently in dissolving the tough clogged drains.

Moreover, this drain opener ideally melts down the hard-to-break proteins and solids like fats, greases, oils, papers, etc.

While on the other hand, the milky white scent of the deodorizing substance promotes a pleasing smell by deterring foul odors.

Not just any stench, it is capable of repelling hydrogen sulfide odor and other gases that derive from waste products. Now about its eco-friendliness, this drain-opener stays kind to animals, marine life, and plants. In fact, it’s non-pathogenic.

It’s engineered with specialized bacteria such as anaerobic, aerobic, and facultative bacteria that decrease BOD and the risk of pollution.

Hence, you get a safe and proper cleaning in your drain traps, waste treatment plants, and other plumbing systems.

There’s one thing that we would like to suggest when used in toilets is to combine steaming hot water and flush. It accelerates the whole cleaning process and exposes fresh and clean flowing water.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: This toilet drain cleaner performs better as a deodorizer than a drain opener. Now it can be a matter of concern as the prime objective here is to repair the clogged drain.

However, it can dissolve the organic wastes, hairs, soap scums, cotton swabs, etc., which leads to a fresh and clean drain.

And, if you are using it as a preventative for clogged drains and deodorizer, then it is worth every penny.

5. Professor Amos’ SuperFast 2-Pack -32oz Drain Cleaner

In our last pick for today, we have the superfast 32 oz drain cleaner from Professor Amos. In case you don’t know, Professor Amo’ is one of the best-selling brands of innovative and soapless cleaning elixirs that sells worldwide.

The specialty of this drain cleaner is to cleanse the toughest grime and slime in your plumbing lines.

You can use them in your kitchen, bathtubs, laundry sink, showers, baths, and undoubtedly in your clogged toilet.

Since it’s made with harsh chemicals, the eco-friendliness is comprised. However, it works faster than the most expensive drain cleaners available in the market.

It offers a safe use for any septic system by focusing on the clogs and unruly build-ups by liquefying the grease, wastes, and fats as well as hair.

Furthermore, this drain cleaner depicts instant results, which means you don’t need to wait overnight. It attacks the stubborn clogs that line the pipe and promote uninterrupted water streaming.

Again, you get a healthy toilet that drains clean and fresh water rather than stalling or forming soap scums.

Now in order to get an adequate result, you need to pour it down the drain and wait for an hour or two before flushing it with water. And in the bargain, you get two packs of 32- ounce bottles which ensure 4-6 applications per bottle.

Product Specifications



Our Verdict: As you already know, it’s not eco-friendly. We wouldn’t suggest it to you if you are susceptible to chemical contact. Now, apart from this part, it works just fine. In fact, it’s faster, comes in a good quantity, and caters to various plumbing needs.

What To Look For Before Buying

Here are few things that you need to consider while shopping for toilet drain cleaners.

The Types

First thing first, you need to introduce yourself to the various types of drain cleaners for toilets. Since we have mostly talked about liquid drain cleaners here, let’s talk about their types.

So typically, there are three types of them such as the enzymatic drain cleaner, caustic drain cleaners, and acidic drain cleaners.

And, it goes without saying that all of them have different cleaning purposes for different circumstances.

For instances, the diverse drain locations or the different sort of pipes and clogs; these are common and primary things to take into account while you are determining the ideal type of liquid drain cleaner.

Check the home inspection report to ensure the clog’s characteristic, its age, and the pipe’s current state.

Also, if you can remove the drain lid, then try to peep in through the drain using a flashlight to see witness where the clogs accumulated.

It can also be hair, paper, or soap scums. Whatever it is, identifying the clog type will help you choose a suitable drain opener.


The next thing you need to check is whether it is safe for the environment or not. To assure things notice the ingredients of the cleaner. If it’s made with harsh chemicals, then it’s surely not eco-friendly.

Also, it can damage the pipes through its toxicity. Thus, always ensure buying “green cleaners” which are free of chemicals and made with biodegradable elements.

Ease of Use

The cleaning solution should be easy to use without any guesswork or tools. Moreover, it’s crucial to know how much time it’s going to take for a successful cleaning.

Because it’s better to choose something that exhibits visible results within few hours rather than making you wait for the whole night.


The texture of the drain cleaner should be thick enough to cling to the contaminated or clogged regions of the pipelines. Because the more viscous the solution, the longer it sticks to the affected areas.

As a result, the cleaning solution consistently liquifies the clogs and different forms of build-ups. Thus we suggest best liquid drain cleaner for toilets which are relatively thicker, easy to penetrate and better for unclogging.

Another thing is some drain openers seem thick for the excessive amount of water used, whereas adding more ingredients is reasonable.

So, if you are investing a good amount of money, then it’s better to inspect the texture to ensure the overall quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, be it a chemical drain cleaner or enzyme drain cleaner for toilets, both are capable of liquifying organic wastes, hair, grease, soap scum, fat, proteins, toilet paper, etc.

But if you are insinuating hard man-made objects, then we are afraid that it can’t deal with this.

Not all of them. But luckily, there are plenty of drain cleaners that are safe to use. Now what you need to focus on is whether it’s toilet safe or not.

This is because most of the drain cleaners are portrayed as a safe option or claim to be eco-friendly, whereas, in reality, it bursts the pipes.

Hence, it’s important to thoroughly check the ingredients used in the product or read the product description thoroughly before deciding.

The Green Gobbler Liquid Hair and Grease Clog Remover is one of the best enzymatic drain cleaners that too in budget. It’s the second product we have reviewed for today.

According to popular opinion and research, Professor Amos’ superfast drain cleaner is the safest option available for pipes produced from plastic and copper.

Many signs can indicate clogged drains; however, the most common ones are slow to drain (water draining slowly), flushing doesn’t work, or the water comes back into the sink and blocking the sewer water from traveling outside the house.

Other nuances symptoms like hearing gurgling noise or noticing persistent gurgling in your pipes and releasing foul odor are also a depiction of clogged drains.

If any home remedies or using the drain cleaners strategically made for toilets aren’t working, you should seek professional help.

Final Words

So that was it for today’s review. We hope you have deduced what you need for your clogged drain already.

However, make sure to determine the clog type and pipe’s condition before using anything. Sometimes, despite the quality drain cleaner, excessive use can lead to broken pipes.

Thus, reevaluating the current state of your toilet is necessary in order to utilize the cleaner properly. Some might work best to dissolve the hair and grease, where some treat the organic accumulations better.

Therefore, we suggest you keep these things in mind to ensure getting the best drain cleaner for toilets.

Also, if you have any further queries, don’t forget to drop a comment below and feel free to share your experience with these toilet cleaners if you make a purchase.

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