6 Best Automatic Shower Shut off Timer Reviews in 2024 : Save Water

Automatic Shower Shut off Timer Reviews

Imagine having a world where not even a drop of water is being wasted. Won’t it be a beautiful one?

But how would you feel about having a tech that’ll get you closer to that world along with saving waterline repair costs, instant alerts of leakage, and minimized utility bills?

Well, it’s totally possible with an automatic shower shut-off valve. But the problem is not about getting one. It’s about getting the right one, and that’s what we’re planning to get you with our automatic shower shut off timer reviews.

We’ve found out 6 of the finest automatic shower shut-off valves, and they all are waiting for you to make the pick.

6 Best Automatic Shower Shut-off Timer Reviews

After investing a ton of time in research, we came up with nothing but the finest automatic shower shut-off timers, and here are all of them!

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1. Moen 900-001 Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff

When you’re not in the mood to cause any more water wastage, getting something like the 900-001 Flo by Moen will start sounding like a blessing to you. But what’s so special about this Smart Water Shutoff?

Well, the first thing that’ll make you fall in love with it is its 24/7 protection. You don’t even need to get closer to it to shut it off, as there’s a dedicated app for you that you can get it done with. Clearly, saving your house from water damage is not going to be hard anymore.

But is the app only good enough to shut on and off? Hell no! It’ll also get you to know how much water you’ve been using daily. Not only that, but you can also set the conservation goals, which will not only save water but also save energy.

Thanks to its MicroLeak Technology that’ll literally eliminate your headache about testing leaks every day. If there’s any leak that causes even a drop of water to go to waste, this piece of tech will identify it in no time.

And yes, it’s compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa skills. By the way, the installation of this one is easy too, and you’re not going to need more than a few hours to make it functional. This Moen tech comes in a wider variety of sizes. So, clearly, you’ve got a choice on that part too.

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Our Verdict: Is the best automatic shower shut-off valve to you all about saving water, energy, and the environment? Then we bet getting the 900-001 Flo by Moen won’t be a wrong choice.

2. EcoNet Controls EVC200-HCSML The Bulldog Valve Robot

Imagine getting a shower timer shut off valve that’ll save you from water damage and installation costs. Well, that’s what you’re going to get from the EVC200-HCSML from EcoNet Controls, which is also known as The Bulldog Valve Robot.

It’s one of the easiest-to-install water-saving techs as you don’t need any special tool to put it in your house. And fitting? Fitting over your current levered ball valve is just a piece of cake for it.

Plus, the durability and compactness of its plastic construction are up to the mark. And yes, it’s weather-resistant too. Don’t worry about the sizes. Whether you’ve got 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, or 1.5″ valves, all the dimensions are available for you.

It’s going to need a controller but guess what? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got any smart hub like Wink, Nexia, Control4, SmartThings, Hubitat, Universal Devices, Honeywell, etc., this valve robot can keep up.

Now the question is, what if your valve is too rigid or your house is armed with heavier installations? Well, that’s not going to be a problem as the intelligent system of stroke control here can easily create higher torque to shut off any rigid valve installations. 

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Our Verdict: When you’re a fan of valve robots that can create higher torque, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed after getting the EVC200-HCSML from EcoNet Controls.

3. Vaticas Smart Water Valve

How would you feel about getting a water valve for which your voice is enough to shut it off? Well, if your answer is ‘great,’ then we bet you’re going to love the Smart Water Valve from Vaticas.

Due to being compatible with the Alexa, Google Assistant, and APP, your one single voice command can make it turn off/on your waterline. By the way, it works equally well for gas lines too.

But what if you’re not around for that? Don’t worry; you can still control it from any corner of the globe with your smartphone. All you’re going to need is Tuya Smart or Smart Life App.

And yes, it can work with both Android and iOS. It also doesn’t matter if your pipe size is 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-¼ inches; it can fit in all of them. But don’t try it on pipes with 1.5 inches or more.

Now the question is, will it be able to detect if there’s any leak in your lines. Yes, it can! Not only that, but it’ll also send you a notification on your phone about this. FYI, you can use this Shower timer with alarm where it turns on the lines as per your determined time.

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Our Verdict: Vaticas Smart Water Valve might not be the kind of waterproof shower timer you’ve seen before, but this one surely is ahead of its time and worth the shot.

4. Aubric Smart Wi-Fi Water Valve Shutoff Timer

What if you get a valve that knows when to turn off and on under a specific schedule? Wouldn’t that be just great? Well, the next one on our list, the Smart Wi-Fi Water Valve Shutoff Timer from Aubric, does this as if it’s nothing.

Thanks to its time-schedule control, you can control the water from anywhere. If you’ve got a feeding farm or stockyards, this one feature is going to help you a lot.

Through an app, you can easily control it remotely. Even if you forget to shut off your gas or water while going out, you still can shut them all off without coming back.

By the way, this one comes with the IP65 rating. So, if you’re asking for an efficient waterproof shower timer, this is it! You can also establish voice control over it with Google Assistant or Alexa.

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Our Verdict: If you’re missing out on an automatic shut-off valve that’ll not only do its job perfectly but will also go for the long run, then feel free to pick this one.

5. LeakSmart 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve

How long does your existing valve take to shut off? Maybe a minute! But it’ll go down to seconds when you’re getting something like the 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve from LeakSmart.

With its LeakSMART sensors, you’re not going to need more than 5 seconds to shut the water supply down.

Besides, unlike the previous ones, you always don’t need electricity to run this valve as it can run on batteries as well. And yes, the batteries come within the package.

To let you know if the valve is open or closed, it comes with green and red-colored indicator lights. But what if the pipe size doesn’t match? Well, it goes with sizes like 3/4, 1, and 1-¼ inches. So, that’s not going to be a problem, we guess.

In order to turn it into more of a convenient tech, the makers have made it compatible with major home systems like IRIS, Nest, Wink, and SmartThings. Plus, it’s got the leakSmart app that’ll notify you instantly if there’s any leak in the lines.

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Our Verdict: When you’re thinking about getting a valve that can shut off your water supplies in seconds, you better go with the LeakSmart 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve.

6. Owfeel WIFI Smart Valve

It’s time to reveal the final one on our list. But just because it’s hitting the last slot doesn’t mean it’s any less than the others. After all, it’s the WIFI Smart Valve from Owfeel.

From the name, it’s easy to assume that this one can connect through Wi-Fi to establish total control. Thanks to its app “Smart Life” for easing that up, you can easily control your water valve’s on/off mode. So, even if you’re away from home, you still can control the water supply.

But can you keep it up with your Amazon Alexa or Google home so that you can have voice control over it? Yes, you can! But what if there’s any power outage? What will you do then? Well, there’s a manual clutch at its bottom that you can open and close the valve.

Now the question is, will it be able to shut the water on and off as per your desired time? Don’t worry; that’s what its time control is made to do. And if you’ve got any standard home automation system, you can pair this one up with that too.

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Our Verdict: Not every valve knows how to keep you away from leakage headaches. But the kind of technology the Owfeel WIFI Smart Valve used surely can make some difference there.

What to Look for Before You Buy Automatic Water Shut Off Timer?

Good buying decisions are those which didn’t come out on the basis of clueless assumptions but solid facts. The same theory works while getting an automatic shower shut-off valve. So, what should you look into while getting one? Well, here’s your answer.


The prime purpose of getting a shut-off valve is to save water and your house from water damage. So, you have to be sure that kind of efficiency is being shown by the valve when there’s a leak, or you leave a water tap open. If it can’t shut the water off when it’s needed, it’ll be simply useless.

Alert System

Whenever you’re picking a smart valve, you need to check out the kind of alert system it’s offering. After all, you don’t want to see your house getting flooded just because your valve ‘forgot’ to send you a notification.

Installation Process

Make sure the one you’re grabbing is easy to install. For some of the valves, you can go for DIY, and for some, you might need professional attention.

But no matter which one you’re picking, make sure that it’s not causing you any additional trouble or excessive costing on the installation.

Timing Management

For some parts of the house, you might need to get the water lines to turn on at certain times when you’re not around. If you need something like this, the valve needs to come with a timing system.

Pipe Size

For obvious reasons, the shut-off valve has to be compatible with the pipe size. So, before you go for the buy, check out the numbers on that part first.

Micro Leak Detection

Some of the valves come with micro leak detection. This feature enables them to detect leaks even if there’s one drop per minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re in need of one for a single family, then getting one is enough. But when it’s about a bigger establishment, you might need more than one.

Higher water pressures, corrosion, massive temperature fluctuations, loose connections, clogged lines, and broken seals mostly cause water leakages.

It’s better to place the valve next to the main water supply valve. That’s because in case a leak takes place, the timer can shut off the line to prevent the leakage.

If the valve is battery-powered, it’ll be required to change the battery after a certain period of time. That’ll cause some additional costing to the user.

No, they don’t. But most of them are compatible with different apps that can be used for the application of the valve.

It depends on the valve you’re choosing. But with some, the time can go down to 5 seconds or less.

Final Words

We believe that our automatic shower shut off timer reviews, to a certain extent, have eased up your decision-making process. But we won’t be surprised if you’d say that you’re still confused.

Okay, let us make that a bit easier for you. If you’re really into getting valves that can hold up against tougher installations, then we’d say you better pick the EcoNet Controls EVC200-HCSML.

But if you’re after MicroLeak Technology that can detect even a drop per minute, then go for the 900-001 Flo by Moen. And in case you’re asking for a better timing function with waterproofness, then choose Aubric Smart Wi-Fi Water Valve Shutoff Timer.

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