5 Best Thor Kitchen Reviews in 2024: Mesmerizing Cooking Experiences

Thor Kitchen Reviews

Most of us overwhelmed by the excellent features and facilities of Thor kitchens. Every cook knows how important a gas range is to cook something which needs precise heat or boiling! This precision can not be attained by traditional cookware.

Additionally, if you have medium or small commercial cooking space to run, Thor is a mandatory member of that kitchen.

But sadly, if you look over the internet, you will not get proper, useful and handy information about these lucrative kitchens. Now, we have come forward with an in-depth review of the five best Thor kitchen reviews of the current market and, as a bonus, will get a handsome guide on its feature analysis.  

Let’s dive in!

5 Best Thor Kitchen Reviews

Here are our five best gas range from Thor Kitchen Range. You can choose from here for your kitchen and for better cooking experience.

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1. Thor Kitchen HRG3030U 30

It is a super-efficient, heavy-duty Thor kitchen, and because of its premium features, it has snatched the top position of our current review list.

Multiple cooking capacity will sync perfectly with your busy life. You can cook and bake numerous items at a time. For cooking a couple of things together, you will need a muscle burner. This Thor kitchen offers an 18000 BTU burner, an excellent heat intensity for cooking!

The oven capacity is 4.2 cubic feet, and it’s enough to cook an entire Turkey!

You can control different parameters of this kitchen with durable knobs. Knobs are usually the most sensitive parts of a Thor. Not only the knobs are durable, but also the cooking grates are. The grates are made of high-quality cast iron. Additionally, the overall finish is done with stainless steel.

John Cena of Thor kitchen, right?

We are not done yet! It’s a freestanding kitchen with four burners. Automatically, a question arises, what’s about the dimensions then? Let’s take a look at its size. It has to top-bottom overall height of 39.75 inches, side to side overall width is about 30 inches, and front to back overall depth is 27.5 inches. Great for a Thor kitchen as at this dimension, it is elementary to manage.

The weight of this eccentric kitchen is only 195 pounds. 

Had enough of it? Already you have fallen for this beauty, right? Let’s ass it to the cart then! 



Our Verdict: If you are planning to buy a Thor kitchen for the first time, nothing can be the best choice than this one. Moreover, if you have used a Thor kitchen before, you will be amazed after using this piece of beauty, for sure.

2. Thor Kitchen Pro-Style HRT3618U

You are probably looking for a Thor cooking kitchen with more burners, as you have more things to cook!

Don’t worry, mate! I have got your back this time as well.

It’s a professional gas-driven range top Thor cooking kitchen with six exclusive burners. These burners use natural gas, and if you are planning to use other fuel gas types, you need to install a gas converting kit separately.

This kitchen’s dimension is brilliant; the top measurement is 36 inches wide, around 28 inches in length, and 8.72 inches in height.  It is the product size, but if you are looking for the cutout size, you will need 36 inches wide, 24.77 inches length, and 7.33 inches space to install it.

It’s a very lightweight product, weighed only 90 pounds.

Earlier, I have said that it has six highly efficient burners, but why is that? It’s because of its discrete heat transfer capacity.  BTU of these burners varies according to their position in the kitchen, and to me, it’s nothing less than a superb engineering instance.

The top of the kitchen is made of cast iron, and you will get three grates to unleash your cooking desire onto these.

Additionally, it has six excellent grade knobs. These knobs are made of Zinc alloy, thus making these knobs sturdy and long-lasting. Electric ignition and automatic safety re-ignition feature add more outstanding value to this cooking Thor kitchen.

Smart looking panel board is made of the blue LED.



Our Verdict: It’s an excellent choice for bigger families. It is very easy to clean, install, and operate to be a great option for first-time buyers.  Commercial restaurant kitchens are the most preferable destination for this quality Thor kitchen.

3. Thor Kitchen HRG 4804U

If you are a fan of split type gas range, the HRG 4804U can be a perfect choice.

The large part is about 4.2 cubic feet, and the smaller one is 2.5 cubic feet. The total oven space of the Thor Kitchen HRG 4804U is 6.7 cubic feet.

Let’s explore the burner section first. You will get three burners of 15000 BTU and another three of 12000 BTU. Moreover, an excellent 18000 BTU stainless steel griddle is available.

The oven section has a 16500 BTU infrared heater (which function as a broiler) and a convection oven unit of 22000 BTU.

You may wonder why there is any requirement for a stainless-steel griddle in a Thor kitchen? It’s because to give protection from rust. More unlikely, water or another corrosive agent will pour onto the kitchen cabinet, but cooking generates steams. When the steam cools down and condensed on the kitchen’s surface, it becomes vulnerable to rust. So, stainless steel is mandatory!

A most common feature of the modern gas range is the electronic ignition system combined with automatic re-ignition. The Thor Kitchen HRG 4804U also has it.



Our Verdict: It an excellent choice for a modern kitchen, if you are renovating your kitchen appliances and likely to import some new exciting cooking machine, it’s gonna be the best choice. For commercial purpose, you can also use it as it cost less fuel and guarantees heat precision.  

4. Thor Kitchen HRG4808U

I love the features of this gas range. It is really outstanding by every means. Let’s have a look at its cooktop characteristics.

There are three sealed burners with heating capacity of 18000 BTU each in the front side of the cooktop. At the back end, you will get the same pattern, three burners with 15000 BTU. Moreover, 650 BTU built-in simmer efficiency will help the heat precisely.

The griddle is durable, made of high-quality stainless steel. Triple continuous cooking grates are also available, and these are made of cast iron.

We will look into the oven part, which is composed of two separate units of 4.2 cubic feet. Each unit has a dimension of 30 inches. It is excellent for baking and cooking as well.

The most incredible thing I love about this Thor kitchen is its high-end infrared broil burner.  It has a U shape baking gas ring which radiates heat to ensure proper baking. Excellent and a commercial convection fan provides even heat distribution. Visibility inside the oven is ensured by halogen light.

This gas range accepts natural gas and LP gas as fuel. But if you are planning to use LPG gas then you need to install a conversion kit separately.

Moreover, the entire unit has two years of parts and labor warranty.



Our Verdict: Undoubtedly, it the best choice for any enterprise, like family (small, medium, and large), restaurants, any commercial cooking setup. This gas range is highly fuel-efficient and very quick and smart in heat radiation.

5. Thor Kitchen 4801 Pro-Style Range

One of the smartest Thor kitchen of its price range. It’s a six-burners gas range and split in a couple on their BTU range. The first couple has 18000 BTU, next couple burner has 12000 BTU, and the last couple has 9000 BTU capacity.

The single griddle is entitled 15000 BTU, but it’s quite efficient.

The overall capacity of the kitchen is 6.8 cubic feet. The large section has a broader span of 4.6 cubic feet, and the smaller unit is 2.2 cubic feet.

The product’s dimension is 48 inches in length, 29 inches in width, and 38 inches in height. It’s very easy to manage and can be cleaned with simple cleaning methods.

This kitchen ran on gas, and it’s positively energy efficient. It carries six sealed burners. There are nine different knobs for controlling these burners, and these knobs are smooth & made of durable materials.



Our Verdict: Great choice for people who loves to cook. It can be helpful if you are looking for high throughput cooking experiences. Easy installing, operation and cleaning facilities can be a good option for new users.

Features of Thor Kitchen

Here we go through with some excellent features  of Thor Kitchen Range.

Heating Efficiency

What makes a Thor kitchen stand out from others? Burners, of course.

Heaters are the heart of the gas range. Good quality and excellent capacity heaters or burners are the most crucial part of Thor kitchens.

Different Thor kitchen offers other quality burner specifications. It solely depends on the user, which specification heating burner is required to perform the desired cuisine. For professional cooking, high quality and fast burners are mandatory. But if you plan to buy a Thor for your small and mid-sized family, you might choose a kitchen with less number and less BTU burners.

BTU can be ranged from 9000 to 22000. The placing of the burners is also critical. Most of the gas ranges are designed to provide efficiency in heating and quality cooking.

Core Materials

Most of the Thor kitchens are made of stainless steel. This is because stainless steel is a highly durable material; additionally, it’s effortless to clean and maintain. No doubt, products made with stainless steel are long-lasting as well. Thor kitchens are usually made of food-grade stainless steel to comply with food safety.

Split or not?

If you need a multipurpose kitchen with a wide range of variety in heating, you might undoubtedly choose the split oven. This type of oven is specialized for multi types of cooking at a time. It saves time, energy, and money. In the case of a single-chamber gas range, it’s a great choice for small and medium families.

Fuel competency

Most of the burners use natural gas as the source of energy. There are few Thors compatible for handing both natural gas and LPG. Most of them are designed to accept natural gas as a fuel source, and if you need to use LPG, you will need to install a LPG conversion kit separately.

Exterior and Interior

The most crucial part of Thor is the griddle, which must be made of durable and high-quality stainless steel. Triple continuous cooking grates are also available, and these are made of cast iron.

The interior is fully equipped with a grill section, baking section, and others. In some instances, you will get halogen tubes to increase visibility.

Usually, most of the Thor kitchens are freestanding, and the outlook is very smart. For me, look doesn’t matter in the case of these types of instruments; functionality does.

Final Words

In this review, we have analyzed the specifications, pros, and cons of top-notch Thor kitchens. As we have selected these five by maintaining a lot of criteria, these are all pretty good. These kitchens are best for home uses and commercial purposes as well.

Very efficient in energy saving as well as less maintenance is required. The only issue with the gas range is the price. But, we all know, to enjoy tremendous luxury requires a bit more money.

Hope this article has helped you find out the best compatible Thor kitchen matching your expectations, and if so, don’t forget us to invite for the Christmas dinner, with the most delicious grilled chicken you always cook!

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