6 Best Shower Drain in 2023: Keep Dry Your Bathroom

Best Shower Drain

I can’t count the number of times I almost slipped and fell in my bathroom. There were always pools of water lingering on the floor every time someone took a shower. I used to ignore this issue as nobody else in the house ever complained about it.

But when my son slipped and hit his head in the bathroom last month, I decided that I had had enough. I wanted to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible, and quickly realized it lied in the poorly maintained shower drain. It led me to a week long search for the best shower drain on the market.

After researching all the leading brands and nitpicking on their features I managed to make a shortlist. And today I’m reviewing every model on this list, so nobody has to ever see the days I did.

6 Best Shower Drain Reviews

We all know how difficult it can be to pick an ideal shower drain in this day and age. Hence, I have picked the most highly rated models and reviewed them for your convenience.

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1. Neodrain 24-Inch Linear Shower Drain

The first shower drain on this list comes with a V profile that directs the water towards the drain. This keeps your bathroom floor dry by removing most of the water in a few seconds. It can efficiently displace 45 liters of water per minute due to its revolutionary design. The shower drain is 24 inches long.

This is one of the safest linear shower drains on the market as it comes with WATERMARK & CUPC certification. You can rely on it further due to its 304 stainless steel construction. The manufacturers used their remarkable technology to ensure the best linear shower drain doesn’t rust or corrode due to water.

They made sure the shower drain can last a significant amount of time. You can even adjust the height of the shower drain due to its threaded adapter. It’s fitted with a strainer that can catch hair and other debris.

The shower drain is both easy to install and clean. Removing and cleaning the shower mesh feels like an absolute breeze!

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Our Verdict: This shower drain is one of the best because of its 304 stainless steel construction and easy maintenance features.

2. WEBANG 6 Inch Square Shower Floor Drain

I have included another CUPC certified shower drain in this list, which can effectively remove water from the bathroom floor. The 6 inch long shower drain comes with a 2 inch outlet that tackles ponding issues in your bathroom. Now you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling after a shower.

The shower drain comes with a state-of-the-art seal that prevents it from coming off the floor. On the other hand, it is very easy to connect it to the base flange of the water drain. This makes it incredibly easy to install. This model is made from heavy duty stainless steel that can last for ages.

Even the base flange is made of a high quality PVC material that can withstand rusting and corrosion for a long time. Its grid design significantly increases the water flow of the square shower drain. The best drain for shower fits in perfectly with your bathroom’s interiors because of its minimalistic design.

On top of that, the shower drain comes with several accessories, like a hair strainer that you can detach without any effort. This makes it easier to clean and maintain.

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Our Verdict: A shower drain that fits in perfectly with the interiors and enhances the water flow.

3. Neodrain 6-Inch Square Shower Drain

If you are looking for a floor drain that you can install in your bathroom and your kitchen, then this model is exactly what you are looking for. The shower drain’s high compatibility enables you to install it in the basement, garage, kitchen, and toilet as well. This is certainly one of the most versatile floor drains out there.

The square shower drain is so easy to install that you can place it almost anywhere. It also comes with certain accessories that prevent you from creating a mess in your bathroom. That’s mainly due to the removable hair strainer that comes with it. You easily lift the cover and clean the drain without breaking a sweat.

Unlike most shower drains out there, this model is built to last for several years to come. That’s because it’s made from 304 stainless steel, which is accompanied by a PVC base flange. These materials make sure the shower drain isn’t prone to corrosion or rusting, no matter how long you use it.

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Our Verdict: One of the best shower drains for long hair that you can install in multiple places in the household. It is also easy to maintain.

4. WingTite Shower Drain Replacement

At number 4, I am going to review a suitable replacement for your leaky shower drain. If the floor drain in your bathroom is getting clogged up on a regular basis then this model will surely come in handy. It offers you seamless water displacement and comes with excellent durability.

You don’t have to worry about installing it in your bathroom as this model is compatible with various plumbing systems. That’s why it’s one of the most versatile shower drains on the market. The shower drain is also pretty small with dimensions of 4.25 x 4.25 x 2 inches.

Hence, it can be easily installed on any type of floor. Moreover, the installation process barely requires any time. Anyone with basic knowledge of plumbing can install this shower drain. It’s also built from superior quality materials that don’t deteriorate easily and can last for years on end.

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Our Verdict: The shower is made from high quality materials and has the ideal dimensions for different types of bathrooms.

5. WEBANG 60 Inch Rectangular Linear Shower Floor Drain

Are you looking for an unusually long shower drain that can displace water faster than any other model? Then this is exactly the model you need. The rectangular shower boasts a modified design that increases the water flow to a massive extent. Adjusting and installing this drain also feels like a piece of cake.

It comes with a capsule pattern cover design that is effective at increasing water flow, which keeps your bathroom floor dry. Unlike other models, this exclusive shower drain isn’t much of an eyesore. The cover has an embedded design that doesn’t stick out from your bathroom floor.

The floor drain is almost invisible to the naked eye. They also added a steeper slope that removes water and other debris much quicker. You won’t experience any annoying odors anymore.

This is the best shower drain for concrete floor that allows you to adjust its height with the help of its leveling feet. A no hub drain base system makes installation much simpler.

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Our Verdict: This is a long shower drain that comes with several adjustable features. It’s also pretty easy to install.

6. KOHLER K-9136-G Clearflo Shower Drain

As the last product on this list, I will be reviewing this one-of-a-kind shower drain made by the pioneers of bathroom accessories. Their immense knowledge and decades of experience make them one of the best shower drain manufacturers in the entire world. So, there are no issues with relying on this product.

The shower drain is built with the revolutionary technology of this brand that ensures the highest efficiency. It is fitted with a grooved flange adapter that ensures the drain is sealed tightly. This prevents the water from seeping through the cracks in the floor.

On top of that, the grooved collar is efficient at increasing water flow in the drain. Its brilliant construction consists of brass and PVC, which makes the floor drain tarnish resistant. You can even remove the grid plate for cleaning. The reversible collar makes the shower drain suitable for multiple tile thicknesses.

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Our Verdict: As it is made by a renowned manufacturer you can definitely depend on this shower drain to deliver on its promises. It’s also pretty versatile.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Even though you now know the different shower drain brands that can increase water flow, that’s not enough information to make the right purchase. There are still some defining factors that you need to consider. These factors will help you realize what is the best shower drain for your bathroom.


The most important thing to consider when buying a shower drain is the type of material it’s made of. Their lifespan and efficiency will largely depend on this factor. The best floor drainage systems are made from the highest quality stainless steel. This is an excellent material that isn’t prone to rusting or corrosion.

They are also easier to clean than the others. Shower drains made of brass are pretty durable and long-lasting as well. Keep in mind that the material of the drainage pipe should also be taken into account.

A PVC drainage pipe is a good choice in this case. This is an ideal combination for a shower drain with an extended lifespan.

Easy to Install

Before you even pick a shower drain, you must measure the dimensions and style of your bathroom tiles. That’s how you will know which size you need to pick. Different shower drain brands have different installation methods.

If you don’t want to spend extra money on hiring a plumber, then you better pick a model that is easy to install. A complicated shower drain installation method will only increase hassle when you try to replace it.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is of utmost importance when it comes to buying a shower drain. You must keep an eye out for this factor as it will tell you how quickly the shower drain can dispose of water. In case you want to fit the floor drain in your bathroom, it must be designed to remove almost all of the water in a short time.

Some have a V shaped design, while others come with a steep slope that guides the water into the drain. A decent shower drain can remove up to 8 to 10 gallons of water every minute. This way, you will always have a dry floor, even after a long shower.


Needless to say, a shower drain requires proper maintenance for it to work properly. For that, you must make sure the model includes an efficient hair strainer that can prevent all the hair and debris from blocking the drain. You should be able to remove the shower drain and the hair strainer without much effort.

This will save a lot of maintenance time and precious energy. Cleaning the shower drain on a regular basis will allow it to last longer. You shouldn’t have to call for maintenance every time you need to clean the drain.

Frequently Asked Questions

The position of the shower drain doesn’t really matter in this case. If it has an efficient design, the shower drain can quickly remove water from the bathroom floor.

Unlike what most people say, you don’t need to install the drain in the center of the floor. Just make sure it’s installed on the lower part of a slop to make sure the water flows in easily.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a shower drain. The water flow and ease of maintenance should be taken into account. Moreover, its size and compatibility are also important factors. Once you make sure the shower drain is efficient at its job you can even pick a design that suits your bathroom décor.

Most people like to match the material of their bathroom sink with the shower drain. This will complement the interiors instead of sticking out as an eyesore. You can rely on a tile-able shower drain if you don’t want the shower drain to stick out at all.

You will find a few different shower drains types on the market. Each of them has its own set of features and purposes. The most common shower drain types are linear drains, one piece drains, three piece drains, point drains, multipiece shower drains.

It’s not necessary to install the shower drain in the same direction as the showerhead. Many people have this common belief that the water won’t drain properly if you don’t do so. As long as the sloping is right, a shower drain will still displace water no matter where you install it on the bathroom floor.

A shower drain should always be installed at an ideal height, especially if it isn’t equipped with level feet. It should be 1/4 inch above the subfloor.

Final Words

If you have read through the entire article, then chances are you already have your eyes on a few of the models I reviewed. Please try to keep your floor measurements in mind to determine which one is the best shower drain for you.

If you are still feeling indecisive, then you should consider reading the buying guide again. I noted down all the major features of a good shower drain and also explained how each feature can benefit you. Once you buy a certain model, try spending a certain time reading through the entire instruction manual.

In case you want to take matters into your own capable hands, it’s better to know all the steps by heart. I made sure to only include the shower drains that you can install without relying on a professional. You don’t need to be a handyman with prior experience with drainage systems to install these shower drains.

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