5 Best Waterless Urinal Reviews in 2024: Effective Cost with Extraordinary Hygiene & Sanitation

Waterless Urinal Reviews

Waterless urinals are the outcome of modern technologies in combination with dynamic engineering. Hustle free and fuss less toilets are now gaining rapid popularity among the mass people. Traditional urinals and toilets are very prone to contamination, and in pandemic condition touchless waterless technologies became a hot cake in the toiletries market.

With this urgency, in this review, we will go through the five most popular and best waterless urinals. We will focus on the pros and cons of each product. A buying guide will be provided at the end. This buying guide about waterless urinal reviews will describe different types of waterless urinals and their various perspectives.

5 Best Waterless Urinal Reviews

If you are looking for the best waterless urinal for your bathroom please go through our top picks before you choose.

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1. Sloan WES-4000 Waterless Urinal

Sloan applies advanced technologies to manufacture user-friendly urinals. WES-4000 is no exception. This model nicely exploits waterless technology’s advancement in the toilet accessories sector. Touch-free operation and zero water use are the flagship features of WES-4000. My friend explained it perfectly, “No Muss, No Fuss”!.

The core material is porcelain, and it has a non-porous surface. Waterless urinals are usually maintaining very hygienic conditions and keeps the toilet odor-free. It saves a huge amount of water, 40000 gallons per year. 

The size of the Sloan WES-4000 Waterless Urinal is standard. It has around 22.625 inches length, 15.375 inches width, and 14 inches height.

The cartridge has a life of 7000 uses on an average, and it receives waste by drain channel. The cartridge is easily removable and replaceable after depreciation. Urine passing channels are made of immiscible biodegradable sealant via a trap system and finally streams over a perplex to reduce the loss of sealant. A large discharge tube expels the waste into the main drainage system.

The installation system is straightforward and maintenance cost is low. Typically, you will need costly pipe settings to install any water-based urinals. WES-4000 has no such requirements.

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Our Verdict: Great for installing in mobile toilet fleets. Sloan WES-4000 Waterless Urinal price is comparatively low than water-based urinals. In a pandemic situation, this type of touch-free and waterless urinals is highly recommendable for anywhere.

2. Sloan WES-4000 Water free Urinal 1004000

Sloan WES-4000 is a wall-mounted and waterless urinal with outstanding design and an easy cleaning system. Solan WES-400 is light weighted, around 35 pounds. It has been designed technically and smartly, to reduce bad odors and splashes.

Sloan WES-4000 is 14 inches in length, 15.63 inches in width, and 22.63 inches in width. On most occasions, we miss two important factors while evaluating a wall mount urinal—first, width, its one of the most crucial factors that reduce splashes. Proper width also ensures spacious urinating space. Another point is the side barrier or splash protectant. The splash protectant is the most critical feature of a wall mount urinal, regardless of the mode of operation (water-free or water-based). Sloan WES-4000 has an excellent splash protection system.

WES-4000 is made of a non-porous, porcelain surface. The smooth and non-porous surface resists clogging and enhances the fast pass of waste. A water-free urinal ensures proper sanitation and hygiene. 

Sewage cost is minimal, and no water is required. This particular model saves 4000 gallons of water per year; thus, you can call this urinal as an eco-friendly toilet. It has a patented and well-sealed cartridge that provides a minimum of 7000 uses on an average.

Sloan WES-4000 has been certified by cUPC (Standard: ASME 112.19.19) and conforms with ADA & ASNI A117.1 standard if installed correctly.

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Our Verdict: Waterless feature and anti-splash technology has been great for installing this model in public places. Odor-free is another added value. Most importantly, it will reduce water bills and sewage bills—an excellent choice for standard toilets. It is highly recommended for using at home and other tourist spots.

3. KOHLER K-4918-0 Steward Waterless Urinal

KOHLER is one of the leading producers of bathroom and toilet accessories around the globe. Waterless urinals are the latest addition to KOHLER’s arsenal. KOHLER K-4918-0 waterless urinal is made of vitreous china. The outlook is extraordinary, user friendly and easily accessible.

It is a wall-mounted waterless urinal and weighs around 68 pounds. KOHLER K-4918-0 waterless urinal conforms with ADA.

Architecturally profound and ensembled design is the most attractive part of this model. It has a length of 15.5 inches, a width of 14.87 inches, and 29.37 inches of height. The shape of the KOHLER K-4918-0 waterless urinal is open-front.

Most importantly, this model of KOHLER adopts non-cartridge waterless technology. It includes a universal mounting basket, which is an excellent feature of waterless urinals. A removable strainer is a prerequisite of a durable urinal. Removable strainers are easy to clean and also keep the odor of the toilet fresh. It also has hangers and outlet spud. The urinal sealing liquid and cleaners are excellent in quality.

Waterless technology aids in saving a lot of water saves around 40000 gallons of water per year. It also saves maintenance costs and reduces sewage as well.

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Our Verdict: It’s a great and excellent waterless urinal. At the pandemic period, there is no option, rather than using a touchless, waterless and odorless urinals in public places as well as in homes. This product has a higher price, but the facility it offers, worth more than that.

4. Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal

Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal is one of the most outstanding waterless urinals in this lot we are currently reviewing. Baja launched this model in 2012; since then, it is one of the best seller of the market.

This urinal has a small and smart design. The length of Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal is 14 inches, width 14.5 inches, and height 21.5 inches. The item’s weight is very light, about 26.4 pounds.

The core material of this urinal is ceramic. Renovating technology has been applied to make this Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal more efficient, convenient, and user-friendly. It adopts EcoTrap system. It grasps foul odors quickly and keeps the air quality of the toilet at a very high standard. 

We have previously mentioned that waterless urinals have the edge over water-based urinals. The no-flush feature has similarities with traditional fixtures, and you can replace them quickly. Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal is very easy to install. It can be installed in traditional urinal settings of 2 inches waste line. If you have 1.50 inches wide wastage line, then you can easily install it by joining with a reducer bushing.

Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal has no flush water supply lines, and Baja has wholly eliminated the flush valves from this model. Most importantly, it has no handle, no requirement of sensors to install the mainframe, and lastly, there is no mobile part at all.

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Our Verdict: Highly recommended waterless urinal, not only because of its price but also the features of this urinal is outstanding. Easy installation process and well compatibility with a different type of traditional toilet fixtures make this model a prime choice for toilet renovation. It can be the best fit for your home and office.

5. Sloan WES-1000 Waterless Urinal

WES-1000 is a tremendous waterless urinal made by Solan. According to Solan, WES-1000 is one of the best sellers of this year. The sleek look and outstanding features are mind-blowing. The architectural pattern supports random uses.

It is a wall-mounted urinal, waterless urinal, and weighed around 65 pounds. It has a length of 14.38 inches, a width of 19.63 inches and height is 26.75 inches. Comparatively smaller in size than the models we have discussed earlier.

The size of the waterless urinal has some advantages and disadvantages as well. Small-sized waterless urinals are commonly more prone to splash. On the contrary, small-sized urinals are easy to clean and need lower maintenance. Price is little bit on the higher side. But, as it reduces the cost of maintenance, you will be benefited in the long run.

The drainage system of Sloan WES-1000 Waterless Urinal is efficient; rapid water passing system doesn’t allow any clogging.

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Our Verdict: It is just great for schools, public toilets, beach toilets, and mobile toilets. Easy to clean option and lower maintenance cost makes this model more favored over other models for public uses.

What To Look For Before Buying

Choosing Waterless Urinal is not as easy as it seems. Here are some criteria that will help you have a clear conception of what makes a good Urinal.

Waterless urinals and its types

Waterless urinals pass urine by a single route valve into a basket. This basket contains fluid that is thinner than urine that flows. When urine reaches into the basket, then the urine is replaced by the chemical/fluid.  So, the waterless urinals utilize zero water to flush and keep the toilet odor-free.

There are four types of waterless urinals:

  • Oil-based barrier systems: In these types of urinals, an oil-based barrier is used for flushing out the urine from the bowl.
  • Chemical-based barrier systems: Chemicals are used to evacuate the urine from the toilet bowl or the basket.
  • Sleeve technology: Urine passes through a sleeve then a seal after that expels into the drainage system.
  • URIMAT ActiveTrap technology: Active Traps are used in these types of urinals that are patented and replaceable.

How much water does it save?

Compare to water-based urinals, and waterless urinals save around 40000 gallons of water per year. Waterless urinals are not only environment friendly, but also saves a considerable amount of water bills per year.

How much does a waterless urinal cost?

Waterless urinals are cost between 250$-550$ based on features and models.If you compare waterless urinals with water-based urinals, then you will find the water-based urinals are low in price. But compared to the facility waterless urinal offers, we would say water-based urinals are costly than their offered features.  

Waterless urinals are affordable. You have to consider the amount of water it saves, reduces the bill—investment and return ratio giving a strong buying signal.

How does it work?

You may wonder, how do a waterless urinal work, here is a simple outline for you

  1. Expelled urine flowed from the bowl and passed into the drain inlet.
  2. The drain intel ends up to a bucket or trap that consists of either biological membrane or chemical.
  3. Urine then reacts with the membrane or chemical, which prevents sewer gases and odors of urine from entering into the toilet area.
  4. Urine got pass through the membrane and travels through the drain line.
  5. The membranes or chemicals are easily replaceable.

How to clean it?

The maintenance and cleaning of waterless urinals are simple and hustle free. Let’s have a step by step tour on how to clean a waterless urinal.

Step one: You have to wear protective clothes, gloves, and goggles before cleaning your toilet.

Step two: Remove any foreign materials from the surface or bowl of the urinal. The bucket or trap is not functional against large foreign material.

Step Three: You should not use any abrasive type of cleaner, brushes, or towels.

Step Four: Mop and mist surface area of the urinal with a natural all-purpose cleaner. Then again, mop the bowl and surface with water and cleaner consecutively on all every corner of the surface.

Step five: Allow the dwell time as per the instruction by the manufacturer.

Step Six: After the dwell time has been completed, wipe the surface with a soft sponge or a clean cloth or a mop soaked in a bucket of water.

Step Seven: Now, dry the surface and the bowl with a soft, dry cloth.

Note: The trap of the waterless urinal is not designed to pass an excessive amount of water. You should not pour an excessive amount of water to clean the urinal. This could lead the sealant flush out of the trap or bucket. So, mop and clean gently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the trap used in waterless urinals is easily replaceable, and they are available in any shops near you.

Obviously, Waterless urinals are the best choices for public toilets. No flush means there will be no-touch involved. In this time of the pandemic, it is necessary not to touch anything that is publicly used. So, using a waterless and touchless urinal will help in limiting the spread of contagious diseases. Additionally, a waterless urinal can save up to 40000 gallons of water per year. That will extensively reduce your water bill cost.

There is zero chances of clogging unless someone pours large amount of water or other foreign material into the bowl. If you are installing a waterless urinal in public toilets, you may consider putting a sign on the wall.A foul odor can generate in any toilet. But waterless urinal adopts with urine trapping system, which reduces terrible odor effectively.

Of course, you can. It will reduce your water cost and helps in managing excellent hygiene conditions.   

Yes, you can; with the existing set up you can install waterless urinals. It just requires a drain line, which will be joined to the main sewage line.

On average, each cartridge lasts for at least six months.

Final Words

Waterless urinals are one of the best toilet accessories in the modern day; it will not only save a massive amount of water but also saves a lot of money. The initial investment is a little high, but the return is excellent.  Facilities of waterless urinals are excellent. These are very easy to install, and maintenance is simple. Generally, the trap, which is a core component of waterless urinals, is easily changeable and also has extended life. An excellent toilet system for any public uses. 

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