10 Best Shower Pans in 2024: Décor Your Bathroom with Ultimate Authority

Best Shower Pans

Most often, we face water clogging, slippery shower floor issues, and leaky joining holes while describing our existing shower bases. Shower bases are one of the most critical permanent fittings of our washroom. It can trouble us if we make a wrong selection of model and size. Furthermore, if your plumber installs improperly then it can also malfunction as well.

Troublesome purchases happen due to a lack of technical expertise. To buy perfect shower bases, we need to understand what to look on the shower bases. What kind of core materials will be best? Or which drain hole position is better? To get all these answers keep reading this article till very end.

This rigorous review will help you to understand the technical features of shower pans and also provides you a choice list of ten best shower pans to buy in 2024.

Our Top 10 Picks

If you want decor your bathroom with beautiful shower pans than please go through our top picks before you choose.

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1. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136600

Shower bases of DreamLine are the most popular bathroom accessories around the globe. Model DLT-1136600 has a low-profile design, which is a prerequisite of a modern shower base.  With low profile design, shower bases are easy to clean and drain properly; DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136600 indeed complies with this feature.

Now, architecturally this shower base is rectangular. It is 36 inches in dimension, 60 inches in width, and 2.75 inches in height. The area of this shower base is standard for any bathroom, and mostly it fits perfectly with standard size bathrooms. It has a single drain base at the center (On width only).So, it is compatible with the floor’s center-based drainage system. The opening of the drain fits standard two inches compression included drain

This shower base is made of Acrylic capped ABS. This material is known for its high gloss, outstanding chemical & abrasion resistance, impact, durability, and strength. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136600 shower base has a slip-resistant textured floor, which is a prevalent feature of modern shower bases. But the notable point is that how long it can serve as a proper slip resistance floor and up to what extent? 

Due to higher impact & enormous intramolecular strength, Acrylic capped ABS can ensure long time slip resistance. It will also resist the chemical residual effect of shower gel, shampoo, and other chemicals used in the shower or for cleaning the base.

It can be installed in a three-wall alcove shower. The installation process is also straightforward.



Our Verdict: DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136600 is a very sturdy shower base. This base can be easily fitted in any shower as the size is very standard. Significantly, the anti-slip feature is convenient for older adults and kids.

2. Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan

Extraordinary design and smart outlook of Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan will impress anyone, but true experts will fall in love. This shower base is an excellent example of smart engineering and intelligent technical implementation. It is a one-piece shower floor and perfect for family uses.

The core material of the Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan is polyurethane. It has dimension of 36 inches, a width of 48 inches, and an excellent height of 5.75 inches. In the current market, you will rarely find a shower pan height above 3 inches. Its floor peak is way above the par. With this height, Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan will ensure zero splashes of water outside the shower floor. Also, it has one center drain point. You will get a round shape drain point with multiple holes. This drain hole is made of durable material and polished with chrome.

Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan has resistance against leak; thus, it will provide long-lasting service. It does not require any extra sealing material to protect water penetration. It’s the ultimate advantage of a pre-pitched shower pan. You will get curbs, drain, entrances, and splash protection walls altogether in one piece of the shower tray.

This shower pan is easily tillable. You can install the tile right onto the shower base without pre-processing of the shower space. 

It has ADA compliance certification, that’s why you will get excellent customer benefits for example, in the package, you will get a fantastic looking shower pan, a round shape drain plate, and epoxy adhesives. Not only these, but Redi also offers you three years of limited warranty with this amazing product.



Our Verdict: Its very simple, if your budget matches with the price tag of Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan, you must buy it. It’s a fantastic shower floor. It will suit anyone. Three years of warranty for a premium quality shower base is outstanding.

3. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1134602

DLT-1134602 is another blockbuster shower base of DreamLine. One of the best seller shower floor in 2024. Rectangular shape and low-profile design for a durable glaze will amaze you. The shower floor can provide you smart outlook, safety, and lower costs than traditional custom-tile. Effortless installation will reduce plumbing costs as well.

DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1134602 is 34 inches in dimension, 60 inches in width, and 2.75 inches in height. In comparison with DLT-1136600, it is only two inches short in dimension, width, and height are the same. The interesting point is that, if you buy this product, which is just 2 inches short in dimension than DLT-1136600, you will save some bucks.

DLT-1134602 is a single threshold shower receptor, specially designed to match up with three walls or glass alcove shower. The shower base has a three-layer strong structure. The Baselayer has fifteen PVC rings, and each ring has 4 inches diameter These rings hold the system altogether. The middle layer is made of fiberglass, which makes the construction durable, and the top layer is built with acrylic material.

This model also has a slip-resistant capacity. Premium quality acrylic material provides long-lasting slip protection with an excellent drainage system. The drain location of DLT-1134602 is on the right side.

This model is also very durable, and long-lasting provides a chemical resistant and easy cleaning facility.



Our Verdict: If we try to compare, DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1134602 with DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136600, I would say, DLT-1134602 is the smart choice. You will get all the features of DLT-1136600 in the DLT-1134602 shower base with a significant lower price. Just, check out the floor size of your shower, if it fits with DLT-1134602, then don’t hesitate for a second, just buy it.

4. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1132320

Another super shower base of DreamLine comes with excellent features and attractive, adjustable looks. The model DLT-1132320 is square. Dimension of this model is 32 inches, width 32 inches, and 2.75 inches height. Single shower receptor matches perfectly with three walls of your washroom. It has a single outlet drain positioned in the center. You will get three color options to choose from, and one is white, another biscuit, and the rest is black. Choose the color according to your shower wall pattern and design.

If we try to analyze the features model DLT-1132320 offer, it is quite similar to DLT-1136600 and DLT-1134602. It also has a SlipGrip floor surface and ensures safety from slippery foams and chemicals. The base floor also durable and chemical resistant. Efficient and robust construction protects the base from flexing.

The shower base has a three-layer strong structure—very much similar to DLT-1136600 and DLT-1134602.

The first two models are rectangular shape and slightly bigger size. Now, the price gets significantly lower than any previous products if you choose this for your shower.

This product is for relatively smaller shower space, and the installation process is straightforward. You need professional support to install it in your washroom.



Our Verdict: If you have a smaller shower space, it would be the best choice for you. It will save approximately handsome lumps of money. It will give you every essence of luxury DreamLine SlimLine shower tray at a very cheap rate.

5. Kohler K-9026-47 Purist Shower Base

This shower base from Kohler is a unique piece of art. It has excellent design and outstanding technical specifications. Cast iron is the core material of this shower base, and this material is commonly known for providing long-lasting durability and strength. Also, it has a hefty weight. It weighed around 232 pounds. It is easily understandable that this model of Kohler is not so easy to install. Specifically, if you consider its heavyweight, shower bases are not a kind of product that you can install by yourself. You will need professional help to install it. So, you can keep away the installation issue from your mind.

Kohler K-9026-47 Purist Shower Base offers unique size and shape, which most of the companies don’t provide. You will get a dimension of 50.44 inches, a width of 38.5 inches, and a height of 9.38 inches. The outlet drain point is in the center of this shower base. By considering the height of this shower floor, we can call it to splash resistant! Yes, you have heard me, right! Splash resistant. This model guarantees no molecule of water will leave your shower floor. Most of the shower bases are designed in such a way that it would be slip-resistant. But, most of us ignore that fact of splash out of the shower floor. If the soapy shower water enters into the bathroom floor tiles, then it can be deadly, because there are not anti-slip materials applied on these tiles.

That’s the case where Kohler K-9026-47 Purist Shower Base offers unique functionality. It provides slip-free technology onto the shower floor and also confirms zero water leaves the shower space.

You will get Kohler’s limited lifetime warranty on cast iron.



Our Verdict: This is a great shower floor to have. Long-lasting durability will keep you tension free for years. Also, the shower floor height is highly recommendable if you are installing it for your kids’ bathroom.

6. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1132601

Model DLT-1136600 is a rectangular shape shower base, with excellent design and sleek look. This model has low profile design complies with state of the art shower base architecture.  This design provides easy cleaning options and durability of the shower floor surface. An excellent choice if you have 34 × 60 shower area and left positioned drainage outlet.

DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1134602 has a dimension of 32 inches, 60 inches in width, and 2.75 inches in height. DLT-1134602 is a single threshold shower base, specially designed to match up with three walls or glass alcove shower. The drain location is on the left side of the shower base. Left-sided drains are more efficient than the center one. It will give you ample leg space to shower. Center positioned drain can face clogging to shower residues and hamper your royal shower experience. But, in the case of the left centric drain hole, the probability of clogging is pretty low.

The floor of this shower base is slip-resistant. Shower chemicals, slippery foams can be very harmful to anyone, especially for kids and older adults. It is always advisable to buy a safe and quality product for our family. This product is entirely safe for frequent use and provides long term durability.

The price of this model is reasonable, and from my point of view, if you have standard shower space, you must consider buying this shower base.



Our Verdict: Obviously, you understand that all four shower bases we have reviewed till now have similar features except the size and drain hole position. This product’s specification is standard in every means, for example, size, shape, drain position, and floor quality. It’s a safer choice, as you will get every feature of an excellent shower base with a mid-range price.

7. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1130601

DLT-1130601 is a rectangular shape shower tray, and it has a dimension of 30 inches in dimension, 60 inches in width, and 2.75 inches in height. To be specific, if we compare this model (DLT-1130601) with our last reviewed shower base (DLT-1132601), we will get two significant differences. The current model, DLT-1130601, has two inches shorter dimension than DLT-1132601, and DLT-1130601 has a 10$ lesser price tag than DLT-1130601.

Other features and functions are pretty much the same for both models. It is also a single threshold shower receptor.

The floor surface is well resistant to chemicals, slippery materials, and shower residues. Well built structure base is durable and ultra-long lasting.



Our Verdict: You can easily choose between DLT-1130601 and DLT-1132601; both perfectly fit shower space. If your shower space around 30-32 inches in dimension, then you can choose it for your shower.

8. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136480

Another masterpiece shower base is DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136480. As we have already encountered shower trays with various specifications, model DLT-1136480 is my personal favorite. You may ask why? It is super economical, ultra-convenient, and requires less space to install. DLT-1136480 also has slip-resistant capacity. Excellent quality acrylic material provides long-lasting slip protection and a perfect drainage system. It can resist chemicals, and shower waste offers a sleek look for a longer period.

Few people like me wonder why I need to consider 40×60 inches of space for a shower? What if I need to save room for bathtub? For people like us, DLT-1136480 fits perfectly. It serves the purpose. That’s what I need from a shower floor.

This super quality model has a rectangular shape. The dimension of this model is 36 inches, width 48 inches, and 2.75 inches height. DLT-1134602 is a single threshold shower floor, specially designed to match up with three sidewalls or glass alcove shower. The opening of the drain fits the standard two inches compression included drain.



Our Verdict: This is the best choice for hotels, motels and rest houses. These types of businesses usually don’t have ample space for shower. So, DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136480 is the best choice for hotels and motels. Also, if you are single, living in a small apartment, this model is the best choice for you because it is budget-friendly and requires tiny space.

9. KOHLER K-9025-0 Kathryn Shower Base

It’s a very well-designed product of Kohler. You will get an easy entry and exit facility with this model as it has a low threshold design. It has a dimension of 36 inches, a width of 48 inches, and a height of 5.25 inches. Kohler’s shower bases are designed to give user comfort and safety. That’s why you will see most of the Kohler shower bases have floor height of 5.25 inches. This height will efficiently handle water splashes and protect outdoor tiles of the shower place.

The outlet drain hole is positioned in the center of the shower floor. It sealed with a multi-nozzle dripping system. Drain cap is made of metal and polished with chrome. Ample dripping nozzle in the drain cap will ensure a fast pass of shower water.

The floor is highly resistant to slip, and it can efficiently handle different slippery chemicals as well. The leak-proof base will enhance the longevity of the shower pan.

This product is heavy, around 182 pounds. This weight can be troublesome while installing the base in your shower space. But, as the shower base is made of cast iron, it will provide additional durability and long-lasting sleek and shiny look.



Our Verdict: KOHLER K-9025-0 Kathryn Shower Base is an excellent choice for families. It will provide you great shower experiences with safety form slip and outer splash. Price difference is huge comparatively to other traditional shower bases. But this product has ultimate value; it worth every penny as its price tag suggests.

10. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-2036360

The unique design and square shape of DreamLine SlimLine DLT-2036360 are amazing. It has dimension of 36 inches, width of 36 inches and 2.75 inches height. This is a neo-angle type shower floor. Two corner walls are available for installation. The drain is positioned in the corner, and it is well efficient in passing the shower water.

Like all other shower floors of DreamLine, it also has a SlipGrip floor surface and ensures safety from slippery foams and chemicals. The base floor also durable and chemical resistant. Efficient and robust construction protects the base from flexing.

The size of this shower floor is relatively smaller than other shower bases of DreamLine SlimLine. If fact, it is the smallest sized shower floor in this review. This can be an excellent option for installing in beach shower zone or any public shower zone. You can also use it for your home as well. It perfectly fits a smaller shower space.

Now, the price of the product is the lowest among the lot. It has a very convenient size and lowest price. Most importantly, you will get all the features of expensive DreamLine models.



Our Verdict: Great option for public shower zones like pool wash, beach wash, and other public spaces. Also, it is a budget-friendly product. DreamLine SlimLine DLT-2036360 is the best choice for anyone with limited bathroom space and budget. It is highly recommended for any house owner all around the globe.

Tips & Tricks: Things you have to consider prior to choose best shower bases

Size of Shower Base

While selecting a shower base, always try to be 100% sure about your shower space. You can take advice from your plumber. The simple trick is that First measure the dimension and width of your shower space. For calculating the perfect shower base for your shower place, you need to identify wall to wall distance from dimension wise and width wise.

Materials of Shower Base

Simply, cast iron is the best core material for shower bases. Heavyweight is the main issue while installing. But it will provide your long-lasting durability. Also, the price of cast iron made shower bases are higher than acrylic ABS or polyurethane. For a medium and low budget, you can easily choose from Acrylic ABS or polyurethane. If cast iron made shower base provides service for ten years, these would give a minimum of 5 to 7 years. So, why not to choose the cheaper one?


There are two issues in the safety section. First is slip resistance. The floor surface of the base should be resistant to slip. Another point is the splash. If you buy a shower pan with 2.75 inches height, it will cover 80% of water splash.

Drain position

Drain position can be anywhere. It doesn’t carry any technical advantages. But, as the center-positioned shower floors price is relatively higher than left/Right-sided one, I prefer the cheaper version, of course. Both positioned drain holes serve the purpose perfectly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, One-piece shower pans are more leak proof & slip-resistant than the normal tiled floor.

Acrylic ABS or polyurethane has great durability, slip resistance and non-porous features. You can easily choose one of these. Also, you must try to buy one-piece shower base, which suits best with Acrylic ABS or polyurethane make shower bases.

No, there is no technical benefit of choosing a center-positioned drain outlet.

Splash resistance means no water will spill out of the shower floor to the surrounding area of the bathroom. 

Use sharp end sticks to the driveway the shower waste, especially hair. It’s wise to keep a small waste bin, just out of shower space. Clean the drain hole regularly to keep the cap rust free and smooth passage of wastewater.

A Lot of effort is needed to install a shower base. Proper installation with perfect glue will aid long term service.

Final Words

Shower base is technically very important part of our bathroom. If you ask anybody, which part of the bathroom is most slippery? Undoubtedly, everyone will say, “Shower Base”. That’s why, its very important to understand, technical features of shower bases before making a buying decision. Another point is the price of these shower bases. You will see, with a slight difference of size price fluctuates a lot. If you are thinking to cut some budget, Please go through “Our Verdict” sections of this review and you will find a compatible and budget friendly product easily.

We have discussed best shower pans with technical specifications and pros & cons. In general, this will help you to understand the standard features of shower bases, what to buy, what not to buy, and what the best option is in a specific range of price.

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