How to Hang Blackout Curtains Behind Curtains: Things you need to know

How to Hang Blackout Curtains Behind Curtains

The best homes always have the perfect amount of natural light as per the need. And of course, curtains are the sole home decor that plays a significant part in both beautifying a home and adjusting natural light. But, neither can sheer curtains do this alone nor can blackout curtains, but together they definitely can!

But how to hang blackout curtains behind curtains? Yes, we’ve all seen dreamy Pinterest bedrooms with sheer and blackout curtain combo. But is it only about the aesthetics? No, it pretty well serves functional roles in controlling the light and privacy of a certain place. And to do that, we have to go through a couple of steps and learn a few things.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? 

What are sheer curtains?

As the name suggests, sheer curtains are more transparent and lightweight allowing the natural light in but minimizing the intensity. Sheer curtains are not only cottage-core aesthetics but they are also light diffusers and offer outdoor views to some extent. But that’s not all, these window decors also reduce sunlight glare and protect the home interior, finish, and walls from direct UV light.

What are blackout curtains?

In the case of blackout curtains, once you draw the curtains open, you’re allowing all the sunlight inside and once you close it off, it completely blocks out all the light. These curtains are different from your usual curtains because they have a back lining or double lining that restricts any sort of light, UV rays, or outside views.

And yes, they come in different colors and shades so no, you don’t have to compromise your bedroom aesthetics.

Layering Sheer & Blackout Curtains: Factors to Consider

When you want to layer blackouts behind sheer curtains, this means, generally you’ll have a darker space but when you want to allow diffused light into it, you’ll just have to pull back the blackouts in the back. In the case of this layering, it is a must that you keep a few things in mind.

Light Control & Privacy

Curtains have major roles to play when it comes to adjusting light and privacy. But why layered curtains? If you only had the sheer curtains, during the daytime, you’d always be allowing some diffused light.

Again, if you only set up blackouts, it’s either direct sunlight or complete darkness. But our aesthetic and functional needs are certainly not limited to these options only. And guess what could be the solution in this case? Layering your curtains!

Also, using the blackout curtains as the base layer ensures total privacy at all times and only allows a view of the outside when you want.

Consider Thermal Implications

Blackout curtains already maintain a stable thermal condition in the space and increase insulation. And once you close them off, the insulation is gone.

But, when you layer them with some sheers, you can allow some light in when necessary and also offer some sort of thermal insulation.

Layering Colors, Textures & Patterns

Here’s the fun part about layering curtains; you can also mix and match different colors, shades, patterns, textures, and fabrics to give a dimension to the room. And if you get creative with it, you can come up with great ideas and aesthetics that adapt to the vibe of a certain space!

How to layer sheer and blackout curtains

The layered curtains will only serve both aesthetics and functions if you install them correctly. Don’t worry that’s no hassle!

Here are a few things you’ll need:

  • Curtain rod
  • Curtain rings
  • Curtains (of course)
  • Screwdriver
  • Brackets/screws
  • Level

And here’s how to do it-

  1. Measure and select blackouts: Simply install the sheer curtains like normal curtains in the existing rod. Now, for blackouts, measure the sheers and get slightly wider blackout curtains for better results.
  2. New curtain rod positioning: There’s an existing rod to hang the sheer ones but to hang the blackouts, you need to install another rod slightly higher than the existing one.
  3. Set up the brackets: Once you’ve decided on the position of the new road, mark the height and install brackets securely using a screwdriver and drill.
  4. Attach curtain rings: Simply attach curtain rings to the blackouts and don’t forget to space them evenly for balanced weight distribution.
  5. Now, as usual, slide the rings onto the curtain rod and properly align the blackouts with the sheer curtains.
  6. And finally, close up all the curtains and see if it ends up with your desired result, and you’re done!

What fabric works for sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains need to be as transparent as possible with ideal light-diffusing features. The fabrics used for sheer curtains are mostly lightweight, light colored, less patterned or textured with the same colored thread as the curtain base. Commonly, fabrics like chiffon, polyester, voile, and organza are used to make sheer curtains.

Besides the light diffusing part, these fabrics are pretty easy to clean up as well, thanks to their synthetic base.

What fabric works for blackout curtains?

For blackout curtains, you need them to be as opaque as possible and block 100% light. To serve this purpose, blackout curtains are usually made with heavyweight fabrics like heavyweight poly and cotton blends, heavyweight microfiber and heavyweight polyester.

Besides, there’s also an additional curtain liner to the blackout curtains that makes them different from regular curtains. This is why they render complete darkness, maximum insulation, and privacy when closed up.

What style of curtains works best for layering?

If you want to stylize your curtains, there are different styles to choose from. One thing to keep in mind when layering is that, they must complement each other; not only aesthetically but functionally as well.

You can use different types of sheer and blackout curtains for the layering. You can use textured curtains and solid colors. When choosing colors, you can go for lighter shades for sheer curtains and darker shades for blackouts which are more common.

But if you want to keep the space bright yet subtle, you can opt for both light-colored sheers and blackouts. If you go for textured or patterned curtains, it’s always classy to keep the sheer curtains textured and the blackouts with solid colors. Now, the rest is on you and the kind of mood you want to create for a certain space.

Different Ways to Layer Blackout Curtains

Of course, you need blackout curtains to get maximum privacy either to study, focus on work, or most importantly have a peaceful sleep. But did you know that you can layer the blackouts with sheers in two different ways?

Blackout Curtains over Sheer Curtains

If you’re wondering how to hang sheers behind curtains, it’s the same way, just exchange the places of the curtain types. With sheers as the base layer and blackouts in the front, you can always ensure colorful, textured, patterned or whatever stylized curtains you want at the front blocking all the light and views. And once you draw the blackouts apart, you let in some natural diffused light.

Sheer Curtains over Blackout Curtains

Here is another interesting way of layering your curtains. In this case, as mentioned already, the blackouts are the base layers and the sheers are the front. This way, you can ensure more privacy, and more control over the lights and also add an interesting delicate touch to your solid-colored blackout curtains.

Preparing for Installation

We’ve already mentioned the process for layering curtains but before that, there’s one crucial preparation step for both curtain types that you cannot ignore.

Installing the Sheer Curtains

Installing sheer curtains is the first step and to do so, you need to –

  • Measure and set up the curtain rod
  • Hang the curtains with even spaces
  • Adjust the curtain panels and once they’re aligned, hold them in place using curtain tie-backs.

Installing the Blackout Curtains

Installation of blackout curtains is the same as sheer curtains. But the only other thing you need to keep in mind here is the alignment and height of the blackouts. It should complement your sheers and increase their beauty and functionality.

Benefits of layering curtains

Starting from aesthetic home decor benefits to maximizing usage, there are plenty of benefits of curtain layering.

  • Creating a cohesive look; tying up the window decor with the overall interior
  • Increasing options for natural light adjustability and privacy
  • Increasing insulation to keep the same thermally stable
  • More noise reduction
  • Creating the desired mood of the space and more options for versatility of home decor

Choose the Best Color Scheme

To bring a complete look to your interior space, you need to choose the colors carefully. Now, there are plenty of ways of matching and mixing these colors. For instance, if you want a darker ambience but add softness as well, go for dark-colored blackouts and brighter or nude sheers.

Again, to widen a space go for light-colored or completely beige and nude schemes. To create drama, go for vibrant colored blackouts and subtle sheers. 

Frequent Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to do double curtains?

The best and ideal way is to install double curtain rods that allow more functionality and flexibility.

2. What is the back lining or backing on blackout curtains?

The backing is an opaque fabric with 2 or 3 layers instilled together made only to block complete light coming from outside.

3. How to hang double curtains without installing brackets twice?

You can simply install double curtain brackets that will hold two curtain rods at the same time. But make sure they match the size of your curtain rods.

4. Which is the right side of the blackout curtain lining?

There are two sides of the blackout lining- the fabric and the coated side. You just need to make sure the coated side is faced to the fabric while sewing them together.

Final Words

I don’t think you’ll be wondering how to hang blackout curtains behind curtains anymore and simply get to action. All you need to do is pick up the right fabric, choose the right colors and textures for your curtain types, prepare for installation and install them in less than an hour!

Once you do it carefully and with full dedication, you’ll see how the double curtains change the outlook of your room and bring out the desired ambience matching your overall interior. Now you’re one step closer to exclusive and elegant home decor, all the best!

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