How Do LED Shower Heads Work : Expert Opinion

How Do LED Shower Heads Work

With the advancement of technology, we are enjoying tons of fun and novelty gadgets every day to make our lives interesting. Some of them serve functional purposes, while others are purely for aesthetics. One of them is the LED shower head.

This inexpensive and fun bathroom gadget can make your showering experience unique and enjoyable. Why not make your body and mind fresh with a nice shower?

However, many people can’t still get their heads around as to how do LED shower heads work since you don’t see any electrical wiring there. Well, we’ll discuss all of it in this article. So read on!

What Is LED Shower Head?

What is special about shower heads with led lighting? Well, on first look, not that much. But when you turn the shower on, the fun begins. Especially if it is dark, you’ll notice colored light drops showering like rain.

The reason is — these showerheads use LED lights to color the water making you feel relaxed. With such a colored ambiance, it also sets an ideal atmosphere and improves your mood.

Not only aesthetics, but these LED shower heads can also be functional. If you buy an LED shower head with temperature sensor, it will tell you the approximate temperature of the water by changing the color of the light.

How Do They Work?

When installing LED shower systems, you won’t see any electrical wiring coupled with it. If there is no electric connection, then how do shower heads with led lights work?

It’s not magic; rather, the system is quite simple and ingenious too. You see, the LED light inside the showerhead is actually water-powered. LED showerhead houses a small mechanical engine that operates much like a wheel.

This is actually a tiny turbine or generator that produces electricity to light up the showerhead. The fingertip-sized turbine is connected to a three-phase rectifier. These rectifiers deliver the power through wires to the LED lights.

Simply put, the water flows through the turbine, which powers the lights in the shower. No batteries or electrical connection is involved in the entire process, making it environmentally friendly as well.

Some showerheads also feature a tiny microprocessor temperature sensor that helps change the color of the lights depending on the different water temperatures. For example, the color changes to red if the water is too hot and blue if it is too cold. Nice! Isn’t it?

Types of LED Shower Head

Showerheads with led lighting come in three major types:

1. Single Colored LED Shower Heads

This is the simplest of all the shower heads, with only one color lighting up all the time. You can pick any color you like when buying, but that won’t change anymore. It is also the cheapest shower light option.

2. Multiple Colored LED Shower Heads

If you want to color up your showering experience, this is the one you could select. This type shows a sequence of colors while showering. It is especially entertaining for the children as well, and they’re encouraged to wash themselves more.

3. Temperature Sensing LED Shower Heads

We’ve talked about this previously. These showerheads have an extra microchip that can differentiate between the different temperatures. As a result, it changes the color of the light and informs you about how hot or cold the water is at the moment.

LED Shower Head Not Working!

Whenever you think of a product, there are multiple qualities of it in the market. So, while buying you’ve to choose the one that is the best as well as affordable. A poorly designed showerhead may not work after a few uses, while a solid, well-built one will provide you with years of efficient service.

Still, there might be times when even the best LED shower head might not work. There could be two main reasons for that.

Clogged Microchip

Your LED shower head could stop working or lighting up different colors simply because the microchip got clogged due to water residues. When you’re using a showerhead for a long time, water residues like lime might build-up, preventing it from generating light.

When lime or other minerals deposit inside the showerhead, it hampers the water flow, thus preventing the microchip turbine from producing electricity. Cleaning the showerhead and removing all the sediment will solve the problem.

LED Light Damaged

It is also possible that the lights have been damaged and since they are very small in size. In that case, you need to replace those lights.

How to Clean LED Shower Head?

Cleaning an LED shower head is as easy as cleaning any other showerhead. Just twist the showerhead to remove it from the base. Using a sponge, clean the pipe for any sedimentation.

Take the showerhead and submerge it into vinegar water and leave it for about 8 hours. The vinegar will break down the mineral deposits, and you can use a brush to clean the showerhead.

With some adequate rinse, you’ll be able to clear all the deposits. If the LED lights haven’t been damaged previously, the showerhead will most probably work again from now on.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you know, these shower heads light up due to the power produced from the tiny turbine residing inside. Depending upon the quality, this turbine could make more or less noise while rotating due to water pressure.

If the showerhead didn’t produce noise before but started to after some time, probably it is because of the mineral sediment blocking the shower exit. This results in more pressure and extra noise. Cleaning the showerhead will resolve this issue.

Absolutely not. In fact, these shower heads are environment friendly since it doesn’t consume electricity. So there is no fear of electrocution even.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know — how do LED shower heads work? And you can take the showering to the next level and add some ambiance to your bathroom.

Hope the information provided in this article has helped your your interest in LED showerheads.

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