10 Best Heated Towel Rack Reviews in 2024: Bring Spa-Like Luxury at Home

Heated Towel Rack Reviews

There is nothing like a warm and fluffy towel after getting out of the shower. Stop running your clothes in a dryer and get yourself a towel warmer. These are ideal for keeping your towels or bathrobes warm and dry.

We are here to give you one of the most honest heated towel rack reviews on the internet. Why do you actually need a towel warmer? Well, there are a few reasons why it is essential to own a towel warmer. A wet towel has 20 times more germs than your toilet seat.

A towel warmer keeps your towels dry and bacteria-free. We have come up with the best towel warmer reviews that is budget-friendly and has fantastic features like energy-saving or overheat protection.

Well, if we talk about appearance, they come in a variety of sizes and designs. Such as a ladder or turnable. Did you know a towel warmer uses less water than a radiator does? Well, yes, it uses much less water than any classic plate or an iron cast radiator. So, it will save both energy and money.          

 So without any delay, come, let’s dig in.

10 Best Heated Towel Rack Reviews

If you are looking for a perfect towel warmer then please go through our top picks before you choose.

Table of Contents

1. Bradon Basics Electric Towel Warmer

Towel warmers are usually used to reduce the growth of bacteria in your bath towels. They are also used to remove moisture from wet towels. Bradon Basics brings you the Lamborghini of towel warmers.

It is a heated towel rack wall mounted in nature that has a built-in timer. The timer is designed with LED INDICATORS. You just have to choose how long you want your towel warmer to stay warm. It will turn itself off after its estimated time, so no wastage of energy.

This electric towel warmer has both hard-wired and plug-in options. You do not need to remodel your washroom for this electric towel warmer; you can simply mount it and plug it into an outlet until you can hard-wire it to your wall.

This 12.97 lbs towel warmer is made with stainless steel. Twelve bars that distribute heat evenly. One hundred ninety watts that dry towels in no time. As 5-legged materials don’t seem attractive, they have a unique design, so you don’t have to compromise with looks.

The dimension of the towel warmer is 33 x 23 x 4-inches.



Verdict: This elegant looking towel warmer will take away the moisture from your towel in no time. There is no scope of bacteria growing in your towel. You can easily get smart, green, and even save cost by using this.

2. HEATGENE Towel Warmer

HEATGENE has always been a promising choice in the industry of bathroom and heating. HEATGENE manufactures its towel warmers with high-quality materials.

This light-weight towel warmer weighs just 10 pounds. It has eight bars that distribute the heat all over uniformly. You can easily use it to warm up two towels or bathrobes at once. And the color of the warmer would look amazing with any decor.

The towel warmer is built with stainless steel, so it heats up rapidly. It can reach 110-degrees Fahrenheit in fifteen minutes and 130-degree Fahrenheit in thirty minutes. It is also energy efficient, so no worries about bills.

This towel warmer is an ideal option for towel heating at home. Its modern design allows you to use it outdoors. It can be wall-mounted or plugged-in.  The design ensures to maximize the area of your space.        

The dimensions are as follows: 33.8 x 26.5 x 3.6- inches.



Verdict: The towel warmer seems to be a very nice deal for both indoor and outdoor usage. It looks relatively safe and reliable. Also, it saves energy, so you wouldn’t have to worry about paying tons of money.


Amba products are manufactured under vigorous observation to ensure top quality. It is an entirely electrical towel warmer that has ten optimal bars.

These bars work in distributing the heat equally, all along with the towels. It is a stainless steel built towel warmer that is just ten pounds in weight. It is designed with a built-in on and off switch that allows you to control it easily.

The crossbars allow optimal drying and help to keep your towels germ-free. The bars heat up horizontally and vertically. It is power efficient. So it is both pocket and environment friendly.

You can either discrete the on-off switch or wall-mounted or use an optional plug-in; that’s totally up to you.     

The warmer has a width of 32.5-inches and a height of 38-inches.

In this current towel warmer reviews, we would say, it’s the best choice according to its specification and price.



Verdict: Well, in a few words, the towel warmer could be one of the best things that happened to you in a lifetime. It is both budget-friendly and pocket friendly. So, without any doubt, we would like to recommend this.

4. WarmlyYours Metropolitan Towel Warmer

Want a sauna-like experience at home? WarmlyYours is here to bring it to you. WarmlyYours has designed a metropolitan towel warmer with ten straight bars.

These bars are constructed with stainless steel, and they are well polished. The bars spread heat equally, which leaves your towels dry and warm. You can easily place two large towels or bathrobes at once.    

The towel warmer is hardwired for 120 volts and can be wall-mounted in any bathroom. This towel warmer is quite suitable for medium to large-sized bathrooms. It will keep your towels warm and look effortless too.

This towel warmer is manufactured with an automatic timer. It will heat up between 100-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Item dimension: 19.75 x 5 x 4.1- inches.



Verdict: If you are looking for something for your medium or large-sized bathroom, then we can assure you this would be a great towel warmer for you. Its polished design will look great with any interior.

5. JSLOVE Heated Towel Warmer

Everyone likes a warm and fluffy hug after a shower.  Even if we cannot do anything about the fluffiness, we can surely help you with the warmth. JSLOVE brings you their Best Heated Towel Bar.

It is one of the leading towel warmers of our times. It is constructed with stainless steel. The towel warmer is also rust and corrosion-resistant. It is designed to have twelve horizontal bars that uniformly heats the towels.

The surface temperature of the towel warmer will change according to the temperature of the air. It also has built-in LED indicators; you can choose how long you want it to stay on, then it will shut down on its own.

It consumes around 120 watts of heating up and can warm your towels in 20 minutes. The temperature remains constant at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. It needs to be wall-mounted to save space. The towel warmer comes with both plug-in and hardwired options.

The length of the warmer is 43-inches, and the width is 21-inches.



Verdict: The towel warmer is a win or win deal at this cost. You wouldn’t even notice a change in your bill, but you will still get warm and bacteria-free towels. It is ideal for all washroom types as it is relatively low profile.

6. HEATGENE Towel Warmer

Imagine getting out of the shower and immersing yourself in a warm and bacteria-free towel. You must feel relaxed! HEATGENE is known for maintaining its quality from the very beginning of its journey.

HEATGENE brings you a towel warmer made with 304 stainless steel. And it is designed with 12 bars that evenly spreads heat all over the towel, so you get a warm and cozy towel. You can quickly put two large-sized towels or bathrobes.

No need to worry about installation. You can either plug-in or hardwire the towel warmer. And all the tools come with the package.

The multi-layered stainless steel bars heat up rapidly. It can take up to 15 minutes to reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 minutes to reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit. It is highly energy-efficient, so no waste of money.

The towel warmer is perfect for any home space. Its wall-mounted design saves space and maximises your floor area. And the style seems suitable for every kind of decor.

The dimension of the towel warmer is 41.3 x 27 x 3.5- inches.   



Verdict: A perfect towel warmer for all types of families. The towel warmer does its job just entirely, . It also saves energy, so no waste of money.

7. SHARNDY Electric Towel Warmer

A towel warmer that is multi-purpose, you can dry towels and even delicate fabrics. SHARNDY can be called the leader of high-end electric towel more generous racks. SHARNDY brings you an electric towel warmer with four curved bars.

The towel warmer is made of stainless steel with a polished chrome finish. It is designed in such a unique way that there is enough space between the wall and the rack, which helps to dry the towels faster.

After turning on the towel warmer, it takes almost ten minutes for the rack to get warm. The temperature remains 113-122 degrees Fahrenheit within 30-40 minutes. It has built-in smart overheat protection to prevent the unit’s surface from exceeding 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is pretty low maintenance and very easy to install. You will not notice much difference in your electric bill. The towel warmer is light-weight, and its wall-mounted design saves space.

SHARNDY towel warmer has a height of 16.54- inches, a width of 23.62-inches and a depth of 5.51-inches.



Verdict: With the compact design of the towel warmer, it is quite ideal for small or narrow bathrooms. The towel rack is perfect for humid areas or bathrooms. If you want something that saves space and energy, then this is your thing.

8. Amba S 2133 B Sirio Towel Warmer

The Amba S 2133 B is known for its innovative Italian heating system. This exclusive piece of towel warmer weighs around 13 pounds and comes with an excellent bronze finish.

This amazing towel warmer rack is entirely made of brass. It is designed so that it can function both as a towel warmer or a space heater. It is ideal for drying large sized towels or bathrobes.

This towel warmer is designed with an integrated on-off switch, which includes pilot lights. The average temperature range is around 131-167 degree Fahrenheit. And the standard voltage is 115 volts.

If you are worried about how much space it will consume? Let me tell you that it needs to be mounted on a wall, so it doesn’t really consume much space. The towel warmer also comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.                         

 The item dimension is 24 x 4.4 x 30-inches.



OurVerdict: The towel warmer seems to be an excellent option for all types of interior. And it will warm up your towels even if they are folded. Such an exciting deal and such a compelling price.

9. Ancona AN-5383T Prestige Towel Warmer

Ancona has lifted the standard of towel warmer. Ancona has come up with a metal built towel warmer constructed with 304 stainless steel.

This fantastic piece of towel warmer comes with a matte black finish. It has a total of eight round horizontal bars that will reach the ideal temperature in just fifteen minutes.

The design also includes additional features like 24 hours and seven days of a digital timer, ensuring security and saving energy. Assembling the towel warmer is like eating a piece of cake.

The towel warmer has two different installation options; you can choose hardwired towel warmer or plug-in towel warmer. It also features a switch that controls humidity.      

 The dimensions are as follows: 32.8 x 21.7 x 3.7-inches.



Our Verdict: This towel warmer is just an example of you getting what you pay for. It can be called the towel more generous of the modern era. You can install it at any place in your house and enjoy warm towels.

10. Amba ECO-20 Towel Warmer

Well, we have reached the very end of our Heated Towel Bar Reviews The very last towel warmer is Amba ECO-20 towel warmer.

The Amba ECO-20 helps keep your bathroom warm, mold and mildew free. It is a curved towel warmer that is designed in such a way that it will suit all kinds of home decor.

It also includes a built-in thermostat and internal thermal cutout that saves energy. The towel warmer can be controlled by a simple on-off switch. It also has a 24 hour and 7-day timer.

The average temperature range of the towel warmer is 145-154 degrees Fahrenheit. And the standard voltage is 110 volts.

This is one of the best towel warmer available in the market. With the temperature it offers, it can be the best option for maintaining towel hygiene. Obviously, you know the importance of maintaining hygiene these days.



Our Verdict: This oil-rubbed finish of the towel warmer is very elegant, and without any doubt, it will go with any type of home decor. This is an excellent option for large or medium-sized bathrooms. We bet you’d be thrilled with the quality.

Buying Guide: Things You have to know to choose the best Towel Warmer

You must have to know some basic things before you choose the right towel warmer for your bathroom.

Core material

The core material of towel warmers is stainless steel. Stainless steel is used as the core material because they tend to be very durable. In some cases, even brass or copper are also used. Most of them are heated electrically, so they are a material that heats up rapidly. Usually, they have a polished finish, so that they look good with all types of home decor or interior.

Power Controls

Power is an essential thing that should be ensured. Most towel racks come with on-off switches which gives you complete control over them. In some cases, the towel warmers come with timers that control power. You can simply choose until when you want to keep it on. After that particular period of time, it’ll turn off on its own.

Number of Bars

Before you purchase a towel warmer, there are many things to keep in mind, such as how many towels you can hang or how long they will take to dry. The more number of bars it contains, the more clothes you will be able to put on it. A towel warmer with 8-12 bars is pretty enough to dry two towels or bathrobes at a time.

Average Temperature

The surface temperature of a towel warmer is around 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit. As these are low voltage, they can take up to 45-60 minutes to warm up a towel.

Overheat Protection

The overheat protection is vital because it ensures that your towel warmer is not overheating itself. If it overheats itself,  accidents are most likely to happen. So, while choosing a towel warmer, you must ensure it features overheat protection.

Average Voltage

The average voltage that a towel warmer requires is just 120 volts that are already present in your bathroom. As it requires less energy, it is environment friendly and budget-friendly at the same time.        

Weight and Design

The ideal weight of a towel warmer could be anything between 5-13 lbs. If you choose a very heavy towel warmer, it might affect the wall on which you will mount it. There are various kinds of design available i.e. freestanding towel warmer that will look great with your interior. Some even don’t consume much space but look very subtle. It totally depends on your personal choice. 

How to fix your old Towel Rack or install new one?

You can install your new towel rack by following some easy steps & also fix you old one. To know the details please read this blog from thehomebit.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a word yes, you can also use your towel warmer to warm clothes. You can dry bathrobes or towels; also you can use it to warm up your winter clothes.

Well, yes. Most towel warmers produce enough heat to warm up your bathroom. It also keeps your towels warm and mold-free.

Towel warmers come with a timer for 24 hours and seven days. They can be left on indefinitely. But, towel warmers also must feature safety features that force them to shut down automatically when it starts to overheat.

No, you cannot. Towel warmers cannot bear the continuous splashing of water or the high amount of steam level that occurs in the shower. So, putting a towel warmer in the shower can be risky.

Yes, and also no. The amount of electricity will totally depend on how long you use it. Usually, they use a minimal amount of electricity. They can use from 40-100 watts of electricity.

In a word No, you cannot. You need to put on a damped or pre-moistened towel or bathrobe. Well, the reason behind this is putting a dry towel is risky. The towel warmer might overheat the dry towel and fire it. This can happen if the towel warmer doesn’t have overheat protection.


By this part of the article, you already know whichever towel warmer you need to choose. We hope you have found this Heated Towel Rack Reviews useful.

Before every purchase, you need to ensure that the things you purchase are environment friendly and budget-friendly. You must also ensure the safety of you and your family. This is all the information we could provide you on towel warmers. Hope you have a great shopping trip!     

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