10 Best Bathtub Faucets in 2024: Pick Smartly Within Budget

Best Bathtub Faucets

Weaky-Weaky!! New sun comes to our life with a lot of hope, challenge and ambition. A quality shower in the morning can certainly enhance our spirit of the day – says an ancient saying. Bathroom often called as Comfort Station and there is no room to overlook the importance of the bathroom and bathing accessories in our daily life, because these ensure a sparkling start of a day or sooths our body after a long tiring day.

Today, I am going to take you through to ten best bathtub faucets. Bathtub faucets undoubtedly the major component of our bathtub. Often, we overlook or even don’t know the importance of quality bathtub faucets and ask our friends and/or family for their suggestions, opinion and experiences. Obviously, these suggestions are widely based on their personal experiences and doesn’t necessarily meet your personal query and demands. So, here I bring unbiased technical analysis on ‘How to choose bathtub faucets wisely’, and I must say it’s a win-win theory for you.

10 Best Bathtub Faucets Review

If you are looking for a qualitiful bathtub faucet than please go through our top picks before you choose.

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1. American Standard 8888026.002  Bath Tub Spout

If you ask for best state of the art bathtub faucets, first comes chrome polished Bath Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout. It comes with 1/2″ copper made water tube. Copper tube makes this bathtub faucet more resistant to corrosion. Overall metal construction with chrome polish makes the US Quality Standard 8888026.002 Slip-On Diverter Bathtub faucet even better resistant to rust. 

Bathtub faucets are widely claimed for their vulnerable nature to rust, but this chrome polished Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout, clearly edging over rusting or corrosion issue. This faucet is very light weighted (Eight Ounces) and comes with wall mounted feature. In fact this is one the best wall mount bathtub faucet. This excellent bathtub faucet’s frontal length is 121mm, which meets expert’s criteria on faucet standard length. It has 1/2″ posterior spout nipple hole with standard diameter of 1-1/4″.

It is a best value product according to the price and features. If you have already decided to buy this faucet, congratulations! You are going to get one-year warranty with it.



Our Verdict: If you are renovating your wash place and looking for a budget bathtub faucet, then Model No. 8888026.002, Slip-On Diverter Bath Tub spout (American Quality Standard) is the perfect match for you.

2. Delta Faucet RP17453 Bathtub Spout

Delta is the dark horse of bathtub faucet manufacturing industries. Uniqueness and longevity, these two words stands for Delta modelled RP17453 tub spout faucet. Comparing with previously discussed bathtub faucet, this one has larger size spout, 6 inches in length. This faucet is also wall mounted. 

The Pull-down flow diverter of this faucet adds convenience to your shower and overall tub operations. The pull-down diverter efficiently controls water pressure and resist water leak. Chrome polished outlook of the faucet will bring aristocracy to your ‘Comfort Station’

Above all, Delta RP17453 faucet’s spout will not leak water, but sadly majority of the other faucets will leak water flow right by the diverter when the flow is turned on. The special spout-diverter conjunction makes this faucet convenient to resist leak of water.



Our Verdict: Delta manufactured RP17453 faucet is very smart choice for classy people. This faucet is long lasting. So, this faucet can be a great option for family with children.

3. WOODBRIDGE F-0001 Nickel Brushed Bathtub Faucet

Until now, I have talked about only wall mounted bathtub faucets. Here comes, elegant looking, freestanding tub faucet of WOODBRIDGE, F-0001. This premium quality faucet is in my all-time favorite list. 

It has three ultimate features. These features are very uncommon in other faucets. Actually, I will not say, “Uncommon”, let’s say, it’s rare to find both these features in a single faucet. 

Firstly, it has built in Lead-free sediment filter and top-notch ceramic cartridge. I must say, these features are enough to add this product in my cart. If my tub faucet can ensure toxic heavy metal Lead-free shower water for me, then its fare enough for any health-conscious person to grab this faucet. 

Secondly, the nozzle of the faucet consists of NEOPERL coin slot aerators. These aerators ensure constant water stream without splashing and minimal noise. It saves water and energy. Let not forget our green plant while buying an excellent bathtub faucet. 

Lastly, the dual functional detachable hand shower aids comfortable shower experience.



Our Verdict: Heavy metal cleansing capacity makes the WOODBRIDGE Nickle Brushed (Model No. F-0001) Bathtub Faucet the ultimate choice for health-conscious people. If you are looking for a bathtub faucet for your freestanding bathtub that it will be glorified your bathroom.

4. 3 3/8″ Centers Proplus Diverter Clawfoot Tub Faucet

This clawfoot tub faucet can bring back your childhood memories and with sweet memories, a question spontaneously arises, will it fit to my older bathtubs? Yes, it will fit and most of the cases no adapter is required. 

With addition of an adapter you can also add hand shower with it. The name really stands for the service this clawfoot faucet provides with traditional feel. This heavy duty clawfoot diverter faucet manufactured by renowned company named Proplus.

Excellent features like chrome plated solid brass core, traditional lift diverter and durability makes this clawfoot tub faucet best value for money. This faucet is relatively heavier than other traditional clawfoot tub faucet, weighted around one pound. Core material of this heavy-duty faucet is stainless steel, which is really good and rust protective. 

Other faucet manufacturers rely upon plastic, metal or polished plastic as core material. But stainless steel is really strong core material for faucet. I would say, this faucet is a top choice as it offers diverse facility with customizable options in a very lower price range.



Our Verdict: If you are looking for durable, long lasting faucet then this can be perfect choice for you. This faucet can be installed in dorms, public washing places and in other rough uses.

5. Peerless Double Handle Roman Bathtub Faucet

If I wouldn’t have sold my grandfather’s grand Jacuzzi tub last year, I must buy this faucet for it, for sure. 

Oil rubbed bronze is a majestic color for tub faucet. With an almond tub, oil rubbed bronze color faucet goes along very nicely. Apart from the color, I usually don’t fall for color of a product that easily, but truly it’s amazing. By praising the color of it let’s not forget about the water saving technology it applies to your shower experience.

Peerless WaterSense technology utilizes 20% less water comparing to current faucets available in the market. Also, the peerless Claymore 2-Handle Widespread bathtub Faucet is especially designed to fit three holes (inlets) with 8-16 inches adjustable widespread configuration. 

The core material of this faucet is brass. This Delta bathtub faucet is the best alternative for a Delta traditional deck type bathtub faucet and also one of the best roman tub faucet. This faucet is very easy to install, even you don’t need a plumber for it. You can install it by yourself with trim kit and Peerless tools, no additional tool or kit is required. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive way of upgrading bathtub hardware at the time of bathroom or bathtub re-modelling project, this faucet is the ultimate choice for you.



Our Verdict: This excellent tub Faucet can provide you somewhat antic flavour to your bathroom. So, classy and antic lover people like me shouldn’t wait to grab this faucet.

6. Delta Faucet U1075-PK Diverter Spout

This contemporary styled Delta faucet is built by metal and out layer finishing is done by Chrome. The U1075 model Delta Faucet can be a great replacement option for older tub/shower diverter spout. 

The parts of Delta modelled U1075-PK faucet are made of sturdy and high-quality materials. Technically, this is the most budget bathtub faucet among same category faucets manufactured by Delta. 

One more interesting feature is that, it comes with upgraded internal fittings from the older version Delta tub faucets. The 3/4″ adapter used in this faucet is of superior quality and doesn’t allow any leak of water through it. Delta U1075-PK spout is very user friendly and you can even install it by experimenting your DIY techniques. 

To install it, all you need is plumber tape.  You have to wrap the 3/4″ thread at the wall several times with the plumber tape. Then, screw the 3/4″ adapter onto the 3/4″ pipe wall until flush with the wall. Now, you will need to wrap the male end of the 3/4″ adapter with plumber tape several times. 

Lastly, screw the spout and adjust the downward position of flush. Ta-Da! You are now an experienced plumber with rigorous installation experience of Delta diverter type faucet (Model: U1075-PK) on your own tub. 

Be careful of one thing, there is a plastic interior system, which is prone to breakage at the time of installation. If this breakage happens, it might cause leakage of water from conjunction points. But, if you take careful measures and read user manual/installation manual, you will be able to install it by yourself, very easily and efficiently.



Our Verdict: Renovating your bathroom? Looking for a budget bathtub faucet? Here is your answer, Delta U1075-PK diverter type bathtub spout faucet. Because, of its lower price and excellent durability.

7. Delta Faucet RP34357CZ Tub Spout

This pull-up diverter type Delta faucet is another great addition to Delta’s faucet family. 

This faucet is light weighted about 0.16 Ounces. Length is also standard 6.5 inches. Personally, I like long base tubed faucets because it gives prefect flow of water. Like all other Delta faucets, it is also very easy to install, as it comes with very efficient adapter system. 

This adapter system has multiple types of pipe it connects to, this adapter then connects to a plastic extension pipe, which is also included with the spout. 

This spout will hop onto a ½ inches pipe that extends 5/8″ to 1 5/8 inches from the bathroom wall or sweat onto a 1/2″ copper pipe that extends 2″ to 4″ from the finished wall. 

The way of installation also ensures zero leakage of water.



Our Verdict: Delta produced this faucet especially for temporary households. That doesn’t mean, you can not use it to your own residence, but due to its lower weight, this faucet is best choice for temporary camps or temporary tents.

8. 3931 Moen Tub Faucet

This stylish faucet is offered by Moen, which offers a wide range of faucets and other plumbing materials. 

This is a non-metallic plastic tub faucet with chrome finishing. This is a very light weighted faucet. The spout height of this faucet is 2.9 inches and reach about 5.5 inches. 

Chrome polished lever spout is very easy to operate and has proven efficiency in controlling the water flow and temperature. The salient feature of this faucet is its slip fit connection system. 

The Moen 3931 Replacement 5.5-Inch Tub Diverter Spout has a lift rod included to it. This lift rod allows the water stream to flow though tub or up to showerhead. It’s a very compatible faucet for residential uses.

If you look at the price and the feature of it, I must say it is outstanding. It is really tough to get more quality faucet with this price range. This Moen 3931 Tub Diverter Spout faucet offers wide range of domestic uses with a very low-price range.




Our Verdict: If you are looking for a budget bathtub faucet then grab this faucet without any hesitation. This faucet is great for household, hotels and motels. It worth every penny of its costs.

9. Kingston Brass KS266C Clawfoot Tub Faucet

If you ask me to name one majestic clawfoot tub faucet, undoubtedly, I will crown chrome polished Kingston Brass (Model No. KS266C, Vintage) Clawfoot Bathtub Faucet as the winner. 

It has a solid brass construction with polished chrome finishing. It also has drip-free ceramic make disc cartridge. KS266C Vintage tub faucet has 6″ wall mount center set with two-hole installation system. 

Excellent flow rate of this incredible faucet is useful for quick fill of your tub. It flows 26.5 liter of water per minute with flow rate of 80 PSI. Brass core, KS266C vintage clawfoot bathtub faucet package consists a hand shower with 59″ hose, spout with maximum reach of 7 inches and dual cross handles. 

The dual cross handle facility gives convenient rotation. With the same features, you will get three options for choosing your best suited handle. 

The three types are, cross handles, lever handles and knob handles. Personally, I like cross handles for its flexibility. 

Finally, it’s an amazing faucet comparing with price. It looks amazing and sturdy. I would not hesitate to buy this bathtub faucet as it is perfect in every way and worth every penny of its price.



Our Verdict: Chrome polished Kingston Brass (Model No. KS266C, Vintage) Clawfoot Bathtub Faucet is great choice for personal use. It’s a really superb faucet with mind-blowing features. If you are buying or building a new house or new bathroom, this is the best choice for you.

10. Lovedima Contemporary Tri-Hole Bathtub Faucet

Here comes the state of art faucet at very end of your faucet buying guide. Modern and dynamic design of Lovedima 3-Hole bathtub faucet is truly amazing. 

Straight strip lines and right angles fused with classic matte black finish forms the sleek look and fit into any type of contemporary bathrooms. This gorgeous looking faucet has height of 4.33″, spout height about 3.54″ and maximum spout reach 8.86″. The connection size of this incredible faucet is 0.5. 

All mounting hardware accessories and waterlines are included in the package and ready for installation right out of the box.

The faucet has excellent waterfall spout. The waterfall spout is wide open and delivers gentle flow of water. The long hand shower of this bathtub faucet offers easy targeted cleaning, rinsing of after bath, bathing children and bathing pets.

Lovedima bathtub faucet maintains very high industrial standards. This specific faucet is lead free and complies with cUPC guidelines. Upon purchase you will get thirty days free return and lifetime warranty. 

Lastly, Lovedima bathtub faucet is nicely made, easy to install. Definitely you will love the style of it and how fits greatly with your bathroom. Also, you will love how the water comes out, the hand held is an amazing addition.



Our Verdict: This faucet is the best choice for the health-conscious people. With very speedy water filling capacity, it is the best choice for people like me! Confused? Don’t be. Its best for me cause, I’m always in hurry!!

Tips & Tricks: No one will tell you!!

Generally, what features we look in a bathtub faucet? We want it to be sturdy, durable, stylish, easy to use, corrosion resistant and with quick water filling capacity.

In some extent, we need to compromise some features to sync with our budget. Let’s not forget, best quality faucet can be bought within our budget if we choose wisely and according to our demand. 

My first criteria of selecting a faucet is its core material and I will choose brass as core component because of its durability and anti-corrosive nature. Then, I will look onto its water filling capacity. 

Often, we buy stylish faucet but takes hours to fill the tub, that’s really irritating. Lastly, I will emphasize on its flexibility at the time of use. To be frank, majority of the faucet manufacturers offer lifelong warranty or at least one-year warranty with their product, but how many of us truly seek for that warranty after using a faucet for one year? So, we have to be smart while choosing a faucet for our tub.

This is a complete guide on how to choose best bathtub faucet that fits exactly with your needs. Match the features of the faucets with your demand, check which faucet from aforementioned list gets maximum hits and then don’t hesitate to add that faucet to your cart. 

These faucets are the best available bathtub faucets in these days.

If you ask me, how I select my tub faucet? Here is the answer. I would select mid budget ranged faucets with maximum features. 

There are some excellent quality Delta faucets and few premium quality clawfoot faucets in my best of the best list. You can select any of these according to your tub size and budget and don’t forget to look on the time that needs to fill the tub (water flow rate). To me water flow rate is crucial feature of great bathtub faucet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entirely depends on intended use. In general, chrome polished brass core is considered best option for permanent household. In case of rough use, garden use or temporary house purpose, it’s better to use plastic core tub faucet.

Different company offers different type of package with the faucet. For smart buyer, wise thing is to check what’s on offer and what else to buy before adding product to cart.

Depending upon the company and its product, you might get one year to life time product warranty.

Lead free water is an emerging topic in water quality sector. Not only drinking water but also the regular or domestic purpose water needs to be Lead or heavy metal free. This is due to protect human body and environment from heavy meal poisoning

Rust materials have adverse impact on human health, specially water sanitation purpose. You should change it immediately.

Final Words

In conclusion, this guide is one stop solution for you to buy a perfect bathtub faucet that will nicely décor your bathroom. There are lot of faucets in the market but all are not technically sound to provide you the best experience and comfort. 

Our top ten faucet list will not only tell you about best bathtub faucets of the market but also enhance your technical knowledge on how to buy an efficient faucet that will fulfil your need in long run.

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