About “The Home Bit”

Welcome to The Home Bit. The Home Bit was established to provide unbiased reviews on a wide variety of home products. We know how difficult it is to pick the best product from a bunch of products. We care about you and your home. We want to educate you through our inclusive review process about the various products; so, that you can choose the right one for your home.

Who are we?

I am Victor M. Brown. A professional plumber in my state having license form the authority. I have been working in this industry for last 10 years. I have also completed my diploma on interior decoration. My profession and field of expertise inspired me to tell something about this industry. And I have come forward to share my views to help the community. I have owned a firm where a bunch of experienced people are working including interior designers, renovations expert and bloggers. Our dedicated team of product professionals and skilled writers have worked relentlessly to provide you the reliable information about the products and help you to pick the right one.

Our Product Selection Procedure

We started to discover the most renowned products through the experience of our professional team and extensive web research. We short list the products to about 30. After that we test and rate the products with the help of community based volunteers and took their feedback about the products. It took very long time. After getting their review, rating and comment on overall performance on the products and also with the intuition of our professionals we are able to finalize the best list of the products.

Which Products Do We Review?

Our main aim is to review all home based products that you need and we have that expertise. We reviewed-

Bathroom Products

Our review cover almost all products include in bathroom fixtures. We cover everything from faucet to shower kit or toilet. In short, we review all the bathroom products that you have need to make your bathroom classy.

Kitchen Products 

Kitchen is very important part of a house. Kitchen should be equipped with modern tools. So, we can work comfortably in there. Our reviews help to install your kitchen with modern equipment which is also save your time. We, review almost all kitchen items in our blog.

Home Improvement Products

We all say “Home Sweet Home”. Home is the final destination for all of us. We may roam here and there all the day but at the end we have to come back to the lap of our home. So, our home must be charming. So, that we don’t be bored. To make your home delightful with various home improvement products our reviews will help you a lot.